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Kari Motor Speedway 1

By: Magidion
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Magidion
Screenie by: Magidion

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Hello everyone

I'm from Poland and this is my first track created for rFactor

This interesting track is located in Coimbatore India

32 grids and 2,2 km

search in Magidion/Kari


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I'm unable to find the download link for the track. Was it removed? Is there a way you can restore it for this track?

hentodeluxe on Aug-20-2014

Magidion don't work.
"ground material", "grass" and many other loading errors.
trecinni on Aug-05-2010

Hi, I'd like to try this track.
But, during the loading process the bar does nothing,
my pc locks up on me & I have to re-set my pc - HELP!
BlackPandaRacing on Jan-01-2010

very very good track

i like it
nh racing on Dec-22-2009

well, let me give an example.....i have over 50 gigs of content installed to rF, all of it works flawlessly except this track. now if you know where the package problem lies then let us know. but i get two errors while loading grass textures.
busaman195 on Dec-22-2009

Originally posted by: Target

Don't work. Error loading "ground material" and other loading error's!!!
That's funny, mine works OK.

Like the track, sometimes the AI do brake when they don't need to but other than that I like it!
Evo monkey on Dec-22-2009

One is "mesh file T0_S0.GMT"
Target on Dec-21-2009

Don't work. Error loading "ground material" and other loading error's!!!
Target on Dec-21-2009

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