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Kart Factor 2011 1

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Karts
Initial release: 08-Feb-11
Current release: 1, on 18-Jan-11

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Screenie by: [RFC]-Fresh!
Screenie by: [RFC]-Fresh!

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Faster then kartfactor 2010 and they dont float!!!

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404/500 (219 votes) 1 2 3 4 5
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Realistic Damage
Default setup Race-ability
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can anyone help me with my problem? I've downloaded the file but i don't know were to put it.
MadMuppet on Nov-27-2014

buy it what are you talk about bitshare and mediafire is no need pay anything to download links ? here is a link if you thought you must pay to download from medifire or bitshare this link has no cost it is free
Slobbeman on Feb-22-2013

i cant download kart factor I dont want to by it from bitshare or media fire.I race these karts so I want to race these on rfactor someone help me please
Jdogsevenl on Feb-21-2013

anyone know where i can get the champ carts ssd's sites down ?
Apollo72v on Dec-30-2011

anyone know where i can get the champ carts ssd's sites down ?
transam403 on Aug-15-2011

Where are the templates so i can paint me and my bro a car or do i use one of teh default cars i would really love to paint a car.
KIDXRATED on Apr-08-2011

@AlecCain i just tried to download the file and it just downloaded an empty zipped file... any ideas?
frog9 on Mar-17-2011

@frog09 champ karts are already out for rfactor get them here
AlecCain on Mar-16-2011

can someone tell me please why in my f1 2010rft mod AI cars won't drive more than 175km/h looks like they are stuck in third gear?
davidkitel on Mar-16-2011

I like it! Maybe someone will bring along champ karts sometime soon? perhaps an Ultramax chassis?
frog9 on Mar-16-2011

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