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Karting Des Fagnes 1

By: gontran & Slimjim
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Kart Tracks
Initial release: 19-Jun-07
Current release: 1, on 19-Jun-07

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Screenie by: thoms-78270
Screenie by: thoms-78270

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Karting Des Fagnes, Kart track located in Mariembourg, Belgium....this version also has night racing... not sure if they have it at the real track, but i added it here...

to install, put the track folder into your Kart_Tracks folder.. GameData/Locations/Kart_Tracks...if you do not have a Kart_Tracks folder, create one in your Locations folder.

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We have passed out from the racings which are performed in the day time and now we have to race in the night times. The day will be for the uses of the assignment writing service and the nights have to race for the cars with the hobby interest.
pahapad on Nov-20-2018

hi everybody, I try to download the Circuit Fens But all the links are dead! Is there another link to download? thank you
albert88 on Nov-25-2013

yes you're right, pls change it
M@x1MuM on Jul-15-2010

Attention! Mariemborg have this layout :


It will be avaiable??
sammy86_it on Aug-25-2009

I download the zip file and install in the game but at 80% of Loading i see this message: ERROR LOADING TEXTURE RACEGROOVE FOR MATERIAL RT_GROOVE_10 . How can i resolve it?
sammy86_it on Aug-25-2009

maybe try this one
k17fan on Jan-29-2009

Can I get also the direct link?
Have the same error.

Friendly Greetz,

Kempokart on Jan-29-2009

I also get the gMotor2 error, direct link please.
Beemerdriver on Dec-11-2008

Slimjim wrote " not use the Rapidshare is the old version of the track... use my direct dowload link...."

i only see a Rapidshare dl link & i`am getting a gMotor 2 error

Ako878 on Oct-30-2008

i live in belgium and i participated at a 24 hour race at mariembourg, so yes they drive by night. (but i think that they have placed more spots than ussual)
PYDS on Oct-16-2008

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