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Karting de Bouillon 1

By: f14tmodding
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Kart Tracks
Initial release: 15-Oct-15
Current release: 1, on 15-Oct-15

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Screenie by: f14tmodding
Screenie by: f14tmodding

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Hello, after a quite successful first track, I'm bringing you now another kart track in Belgium. This track is located in Bouillon, near the French border. This circuit is simple and 400 metres long, but the trackside is quite huge, so it wasn't absolutely easy to build. It can host a maximum number of 10 karts, and I designed it to be used most of the time for online game (even if the AI is not necessarily too slow). I have of course tested it a lot, but if you ever find a bug, do not hesitate to comment, it can only improve my skills. I hope you'll have fun with it, and it won't be my last track for those who like them.

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This car really looks like a beast, some wild animal which waits to be tamed. The graphics are really very good looking. The sound fits the wild animal. Even the physics are in line with the wild animal. But there are two major problems; FPS and brakes.
newstart027 on Oct-12-2016

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