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Kartodrommo Internacional de Braga 1

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Kart Tracks
Initial release: 04-Mar-10
Current release: 1, on 04-Mar-10

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Screenie by: Mombassa
Screenie by: Mombassa

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

it's the kartodromo Vasco Sameiro, a fantastic kart track located in Portugal. 1.0 version have 2 different layouts

to install, just unpack BRKart_Tracks folder into your rfactor/gamedata/locations folder.
if you already have one BRKart_Tracks folder into your rfactor, just overwrite it.

This track was made to BRKart mod. It don't was tested with other mods.


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Originally posted by: Gulfitoso

It does not function!

I had the same problem. Then I found that the Braga_Kart_1.gdb and Braga_Kart_2.gdb files had the wrong detail in them:

GrandPrixName = Braga Kart //this must be the same as event name in order to sort circuit info correctly.

It should read

GrandPrixName = Braga_Kart_1 //this must be the same as event name in order to sort circuit info correctly.

Then it appears in game under BRKart_Tracks

Same applies for Braga_Kart_2

Hope that helps
Gotlerghia on Oct-22-2011

mas ela tem 2 layout né e eu quero o 1 como eu fasso ? abs
edivan on Apr-15-2010

hello gulfitoso. please, tell me if you have a folder named "BRKart_Tracks" into your "Gamedata\Locations" folder.
If i dont be wrong, wen you unzip braga.rar file, you found one folder named BRKart_Tracks. if its correct, just unzip this folder into your locations folder.
if folder into zip have other name, like Braga_Kart_1 (i sincerelly dont remember now), just create a "BRKart_Tracks" folder into "locations folder, ok?
But if you made it and track dont run, please, tell me more about problem. best regards
Adriano Augusto on Mar-17-2010

It does not function!
Gulfitoso on Mar-10-2010

Screen-shots please :-)
normark on Mar-06-2010

Adriano mate, it's good to see you back! How are you? This addition of track is amazing. Can't wait for BRKart v2.0! Take care.
jasonycy on Mar-04-2010

how, thats a incredible coincidence! i see now that vasco sameiro track was release today. in the same day that vasco sameiro kart track! amazing!
please, if yo have problems with frame rate, put your shadows in medium. it will solve your low frame rate. best regards.
Adriano Augusto on Mar-04-2010

Any news on this track?
It would be great if you let me beta test it
slitzferrari on Jan-20-2010

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