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Kartodromo Imperatriz 1

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Kart Tracks
Initial release: 24-Oct-09
Current release: 1, on 24-Oct-09

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Screenie by: eslotes
Screenie by: eslotes
Screenie by: Adriano Augusto
Screenie by: Adriano Augusto
Screenie by: Adriano Augusto
Screenie by: Adriano Augusto
Screenie by: Adriano Augusto
Screenie by: Adriano Augusto
Screenie by: Adriano Augusto
Screenie by: Adriano Augusto

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A great kart track located in Brazil.
This version have 3 different layouts. Challenge (1), inverse (2) and speedway (3).
Intallation: check if you have one folder named "BRKart_Tracks " into your "Locations" folder.
If you don't have, create this folder, and unpack "imperatriz" folder into "Locations/BRKart_Tracks" folder.
If you already have "BRKart_Tracks" folder into your " Locations" folder, just unpack "Imperatriz" folder into "Locations/BRKart_Tracks" folder.


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Racing Line
AI Behaviour
Facilities (Pits, Grid etc)
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Realistic Track Surface
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cant download?
cumms on Apr-16-2010

I guess this one was made by Adriano, nice job as usual. Lot of fun driving on it, keep up.
Felipe_Br on Dec-15-2009

olá fsantiagon, respondi sua MP. Crie um apasta chamada BRKart_Tracks dentro da pasta Locations.
aí vocÊ coloca a pasta imperatriz lá.
depois me diga o que achou. fiz as zebras nas cores da seletiva petrobrás, que eu imagino que seja como estão pintadas até hoje. 1 abraço
Adriano Augusto on Nov-01-2009

Adriano, conheço essa pista e já andei muito lá, mas nao to conseguindo instalar ela direito. Toda vez que coloco pra carregar ela sai do jogo. O que devo fazer???
fsantiagon on Nov-01-2009

hello jhawley.
thanks to tell me about link.
i made changes in text of track, and i made something wrong and the link dessapeared. But i fixed it, and now you can found the link to download. Thank you. best regards.
Adriano Augusto on Oct-27-2009

Maybe I just can't see it but where the link?
jhawley on Oct-27-2009

thank you to BRDEV! Adriano, all the tracks BRDEV made rocks! another new track to drive on, awesome awesome AWESOME!!!
jasonycy on Oct-25-2009

BTW - the download needs extracting here -


The download doesn't tell you about the necessary BRKart_Tracks folder. tut-tut.
the_last_name_left on Oct-24-2009

Thanks for the kart-tracks. I like hotlapping on them with Porsches, Formula Nippon and stuff.

buses and trucks ? There's a thought. I'm off to try it now.
the_last_name_left on Oct-24-2009

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