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Kartodromo Ricardo B Ocana Rabadan 1.50

By: RocanaNuskooler
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Kart Tracks
Initial release: 27-Nov-12
Current release: 1.500, on 21-Feb-13

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Screenie by: nuskooler
Screenie by: nuskooler
Screenie by: nuskooler
Screenie by: nuskooler
Screenie by: nuskooler
Screenie by: nuskooler
Screenie by: nuskooler
Screenie by: nuskooler
Screenie by: nuskooler
Screenie by: nuskooler

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Very realistic karting combination for Rfactor. This amazing karting track provide a really authentic feeling, combined with World Karting 2.1.

*Not recommended for amateurs. Designed for pilot training.

\\\ Kartodromo Ricardo B. Ocaña Rabadán V1.00 ///

Highly recommend combine with World Karting v2.1 by Slimjim.

**((The circuit is dedicated to Ricardo B. Ocana Rabadan, who since childhood transmitted to me a passion for motor racing. I dedicate it to him as a gift, for all the help he has given me in so many ways. And for his recent birthday.))


1. Kartodromo Ocana R. 1.670 m
2. Kartodromo Ocana R.ShortVers 1.333 m

Original desing by Rocana_Nuskooler, for World Karting 2.1, for Rfactor.
Used Btb, CS2 and paint :) Conversions allowed if you mention clearly the original designer.

I hope you enjoy ¡¡¡

\\\ Karting Ocaña R. Version 1.500 ///

-now softly curves angles.
-more decoration; people, banners, background,...
-improved asphalt track surface
-loading screens,etc...

*Author comment----
I know that the original circuits are not very successful,
but humbly believe I have enough creativity to design
a track that can be more entertaining than standard karting track,
because I have no limitations imposed by
terrain, or security issues so I can design curved areas I seem fun or complex.

Overall real karting circuits are very flat. And the circuits are not straight, curves have to be fun and technical, and I think that slopes up and down nicely spiced with curves, add more fun to a path.

I hope you enjoy a lot. Anybody who can drive properly a shifter kart here without driving aids and be on good times, can be considered a really f**king good driver. I prefer the automatic xD

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It was built in 1962 and is one of the first runways in Italy, and later amended in 1985.Pista Azzurra is in the international arena karts true icon.
newstart027 on Oct-18-2016

yes it is best to have a rFlite install for your karting mods and tracks.
this way you do not need to make changes to your realfeel settings when changing to cars.

@ monzakarter, you need to use no aids at,
Slimjim on Feb-25-2013

1.08.662 in a shifter with no aids except anti lock breaks! also this track is so fun and well made, you should make some American tracks for world karting
monzakarter on Feb-23-2013

I forgot to say please comment anything about feelings, problems, opinions, etc... and vote off course I hope you enjoy¡¡¡¡

**i recommend install World Karting on a Rfactor Lite instalation, because it spoil my force fedback configuration... Make well ff config, with slimjim indications on world karting page. Better 180º-200º on your steering wheel, 12º-13º on your direction. I usually plays with 540º, but 180º gives better feel.
nuskooler on Feb-22-2013

Friends, I've just discovered we mistakenly packaged the wrong track for pro member links. If you used our high speed links or the 1 click utility, please re-download this track. Apologies for that error.
[RFC]-Fresh! on Nov-29-2012

This track is amazing! Best kart track i've tried. Thanks for the good work!
diogoc29 on Nov-29-2012

Thanks you for your comments and your atention. I'm very sure that this karting won't disappoint you ¡¡¡ Actual times are arround 1.07 for rotax(Rocana), and 1:05 for shifter(Oskart) . I hope you will have a nice suffering here, it's a very hard track. Oskart and i were testing the track yesterday and it looks to us very hard, complex, and funny. Oskart didn't want to pass the wheel, so i think it's a very autentic track. Slimjim I think you'll like it.
I'm also thinking in convert to kart racing pro.
Nowadays everybody is doing a lot of stuff for Rfact. I upload the track on saturday and 5 circuits have appeared until wednesday. I hope good jobs will have enough difussion.
So thanks to everybody for enjoy it, it's a lot of work do a track.
Also wanna say thanks to Oskart for their honest opinion of my works.
nuskooler on Nov-29-2012

Thank you for the kind words, and looking forward to testing this track.
Slimjim on Nov-28-2012

very thanks bro!!
and keep your good work!!

rastas on Nov-28-2012

i put here while it appears
Rocana on Nov-28-2012

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