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Kartodromo do Oeste 1

By: trackina
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Kart Tracks
Initial release: 22-Nov-14
Current release: 1, on 25-Nov-14

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Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: trackina
Screenie by: trackina

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Kart track in Bombarral, Portugal,
Only did one layout, the most commonly used (out of over 70 available ones).
It's my first Mod, so be gentle, guys.

Since March 2000 KIRO - Kartodromo Internacional da Regiao Oeste has been establishing itself as one of the best complex for kart racing in Portugal.

There, you can rent the track, rent a garage for your own kart, or you can rent a kart for yourself and/or your friends and go for a few laps or a trackday event.

The track has been designed for maximum safety, having a width between 8 and 10 meters, escape routes and wide deceleration zones, never crossing each other to a distance lower than 16 meters.

Artificial lighting consists of 4 towers of 25 meters, which allow visibility in the evening events.

More info on the real track:

More info on the modder or modding team:

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Thank you. Excellent race. Pleased
MillerEth on Jul-15-2018

Thank you, I'm really glad you liked it.
Sorry, but no, I havn't got this for any other game. I heard about a guy converting a functional version of it for Game Stock Car, though...
Trakina on Mar-18-2015

Hi Trakina.

First of all, congratulations.
It's a really nice work.
Have you got it for rfactor2?
Thank you in advance.

Luiz Almeida
LuizAlmeida on Feb-12-2015

Thank you, Carosen! You are most kind
Trakina on Jan-03-2015

Hey Trakina, It works! Great track you made by the way.
Carosen on Dec-29-2014

Hi, Carosen, I've tested it using Rotax Max and World Karting and had to problems loading it. But I've also driven in many other non-karting mods on this track, so I can't see what your issue might be... sorry I can't be of many help.
Trakina on Dec-27-2014

Hey Trackina,

I hae RFactor for one week and am still looking how to get things done. I downloaded your circuit but it won't start up. Do it I start with BRKart, Rotax Max, any others? Thanks for your feedback, can't wait to try your circuit!
Carosen on Dec-26-2014


Thank for the work and congratulations for this superb track.
samydavis on Dec-02-2014

For a first work, I must admit that's a success!
Keep on like this ;-)
Boudourou on Nov-29-2014

many thanks for your positive review.
i'm kinda new to rfactor (even though i'm having great fun and the community is awesome), so, if you don't mind me asking, what kart mod do you usually drive?
Trakina on Nov-26-2014

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