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Karts (rFactor2) 0.99

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Karts
Initial release: 29-Mar-14
Current release: 0.991, on 31-Mar-14

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Often described as the most pure form of motor racing, Karts are the ideal entry platform into the world of motorsports. Accessible to everyone with a capable body and mind, they are also one of the few forms of motorsport anyone can experience.
Very early in the development of rFactor 2, we planned to bring karting to our product. Some of you may have seen the wallpaper images we released very early showing them. As we finally close in on their release, we thought this might be a nice time to help those unfamiliar with them.

The rFactor 2 karts will come in two different flavors at this time, the Junior and Kart F1. Don’t let the names fool you, the junior karts already provide a serious punch, producing 20hp in a vehicle weighing under 150kg (driver included). These represent a very competitive kart that require lightning fast reflexes. The Kart F1 steps this up, producing 40hp and weighing only slightly more. With such power, the front brakes on the ‘F1? are a welcome addition.

For those unfamiliar with karting, the first thing you will notice driving one of these is just how quick the steering is. With the steering ratio approximating 1:5 (depending on setup), three times quicker than most conventional road cars, you may fall into the trap of too much steering input. Small and precise movements are best.
Karts are also forced to run a locked axle, which means the inside rear tire has to be unloaded to allow the vehicle to steer properly. Significant understeer results if you fail to do so. The primary mechanism for providing a means to overcome this issue is through the front end steering geometry. Cranking the steering is usually accompanied by oversteer. A common mistake of amateurs is both applying lock too early or using excessive steering lock which can result in sudden snap oversteer. Though sometimes that might be exactly what you want!

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Archdale24,the Supra and others cars come in the next release.
newstart027 on Oct-13-2016

A nice mod.
Jamie, I faced similar problems. After updating rFactor 2 to build 660 the installation was possible.
Hope this helps.
Condorracer on May-28-2014

Thanks for sharing this mod.

Would like to play and install this mod, but unfortunately I can't install this mod. .
The mod is shown in the Mod Manager , but the install button isn't useable ( not highlighted ).
Did anybody encounter the same problem, or does anyone know what mine issue might be , and how to solve it.

Please help me , thanks in advance.
Jamie Bakker on May-02-2014

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