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Kemora 1.20

By: Jalo Viina
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 18-Apr-07
Current release: 1.200, on 05-May-08

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Screenie by: J. Viina
Screenie by: J. Viina
Screenie by: J. Viina
Screenie by: J. Viina
Screenie by: J. Viina
Screenie by: J. Viina
Screenie by: J. Viina
Screenie by: J. Viina

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Hi all!

Now it´s time to release Kemora 1.2. To this version I have added "Asfalttikunkku" layout. In real life this layout was made in 1983, and it was the original Kemora layout. But in 1987 the track was re-build to long version, which I have released before. (Incl. also in this packet). I have made also some other updates, so before installing this, please delete the old version (icl. HAT-file, \UserData\LOG\HAT) of your kemora track.
Great race on the Kemora race track.

Cheers. Jalo Viina


In "Asfalttikunkku" layout is good to wait until pitlightout is green before you go out. If you drive out with red light on, you could arrived xsector1 before the pitlightout is green, then the first timelap will not count.

J. Viina

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