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Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway 1.10

By: Quentin Waynick a.k.a. qwaynick
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Ovals
Initial release: 23-Apr-08
Current release: 1.100, on 25-Apr-08

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Screenie by: qwaynick
Screenie by: qwaynick
Screenie by: qwaynick
Screenie by: qwaynick
Screenie by: qwaynick
Screenie by: qwaynick
Screenie by: qwaynick
Screenie by: qwaynick
Screenie by: qwaynick
Screenie by: qwaynick

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

I've always had a love for KY Lake ever since I saw the infamous photo of the latemodels taking a 6 wide parade lap around the 100 foot wide track during the Commonwealth Cup a few years ago. Affectionately named "The Taj Mahal of Dirt Track Racing" because of it's lavish facilities and amazingly fast track configuration. Over the last few years the track has developed a bad name for itself due to poor track conditions, one lane racing, and rocks that will kill a small child. I hope to remind people of what a great place KLMS really can be, and what it was built to be. One of the best dirt tracks in the Nation!

This is not a conversion of my original KLMS made for Nascar Heat. Instead this is a completely new model featuring updated banking and increased facility and grounds detail.

The current release includes two versions of the track. One version is set with grips for dirt stockcar racing. The other is set with grips for the sprintcars.

****V1.1 RELEASE NOTE****
Version 1.1 will fix the texture problems that many were having with the original release. Everyone needs to download the updated version so no errors are found in the servers. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please remember to delete your old KLMS folder before installing the updated version. You will need this cause objects and textures have been changed to accomodate everyone's graphic card abilities.



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