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Kimbolton Kart Track 1

By: austinman55
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Kart Tracks
Initial release: 12-Dec-09
Current release: 1, on 12-Dec-09

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Screenie by: austinman55
Screenie by: austinman55
Screenie by: austinman55
Screenie by: austinman55
Screenie by: austinman55
Screenie by: austinman55
Screenie by: austinman55
Screenie by: austinman55
Screenie by: 07spanky07
Screenie by: 07spanky07

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

This track mod started out as just being something for me to use as practise for my real kart racing, so in other words don't expect the 'best'!

Kimbolton kart track is located in Huntingdon, UK it is very popular within the UK but sadly they are only aloud to run 12 weekends a year due to noise pollution.

Just like to say a big thanks to Bobs track builder, it was a big help in making this track!

I hope you enjoy the track!

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Hi is there a current link for this?

chriskemp on Apr-12-2012

how do u get to drive a kart om this track
alegraracer on Jul-19-2010

i didnt realise how many people did karting and rfactor together. My first race in junior rotax was at kimbolton. love the track and this is a good representation
chris jr58 on Jul-19-2010

hi, is it possible to release the g/box version of the track too with the straight down the middle and no bends. raced here in a 250 a few years back and loved every minute of it. cheers, damien.
damo667 on Mar-07-2010

hi thanks for the feedback, could you tell me which kart mod you are using? as i don't appear to have these problems when running the game, i'll look into it
austinman55 on Dec-13-2009

nice track, but the AI has sometimes problems with pit-exiting (they just move forward and backward in the box) and the final turn theyre taking through the barrier between pits and track (track left side) .. luckily they dont crash into it, because its just graphical i think
Deerro on Dec-13-2009

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