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Kinsman MoTeC Telemetry Plugin 1.41

By: Kinsman and Lazwatson

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Kinsman
Screenie by: Kinsman

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I must stress that a fair part of the content of this file I did not make - I read numerous tales of people's annoyance and distress at trying to get MoTeC to work with their rFactor installation, and too many times, people needed bits from here, there and everywhere to make it work.


It was time to make a full and working package for people to easily download and install to allow them to view telemetry data within minutes.

LazWatson (otherwise known as 'Lazza') for his hard graft in putting the MoTeC plugin together from scratch, creating a patch allowing it to work with version 1.255, AND providing an executable which could look through your track library and convert them into a MoTeC friendly format. BRILLIANT work by him, without whom none of this would be possible.

And then there's me, who made some modifications to some of the configuration files, pieced them together and stitched them up in such a way that made sense to mere mortals!


- The first release.

- Removed shortcut to telemetry as it wasn't useful to people who installed rFactor to a different location to the one it was shortcutting to.

- Ammended instructions to reflect the removal of the shortcut, as well as adding a couple of extra details to ensure data would be captured in testing.

- Deleted the pre-installed MoTeC software and replaced it with a separate installer package after a few complaints about the stability of MoTeC.

- Instructions updated to reflect this change, as well as adding an entry about cleaning up after the MoTeC install. A couple of names have also been added to the credits.


- Minor alterations to file properties to ensure nothing is controlled by an administrator or read/write protected which may have caused some rFactor distributions to crash.

- Changed the location of the readme to a more obvious, easier to find place. Also updated some details in the readme.


- Tidied up some of the folders and deleted experimental data that was accidentally left in for version 1.2.1 (Sorry guys!)

- Updated the readme with information regarding the install directory for MoTeC after testing proved the readme to be lacking in specific details about this step, as well as making other alterations to the readme to help make the install as tidy as possible.

- Added step numbers to folders and programs to help people to know what to do and when in accordance with the readme!

- Minor adjustments to the readme to alert people to the fact that this mod cannot be installed into a clean rfactor install. More details in the readme.

- Renamed a couple of files and made more readme ammendments.

- Removed a couple of redundant files.

- Removed the included MoTeC installer.



MORE DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS ARE INSIDE - They will be extracted to your rFactor directory.

FOLLOW THE DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY! IT INVOLVES MODIFYING YOUR PLR FILE TO WORK! Whilst the process has been simplified, it still isn't quite a case of unzip and go - be sure to follow the instructions carefully and make a backup of your .PLR file or even your entire rFactor directory for your peace of mind.

NOTE: This mod no longer includes MoTeC i2 Standard to ensure it complies with MoTeC's terms of use.


DISCLAIMER: I cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to files, computers, yourself, your dog, or anything caused by the use of this mod, and nor will any of the creators of the different elements of the mod. It has been tried and tested and is proven to work.

Please also be aware that using MoTeC software in this manner does contravene their license agreement - Use at your own risk.

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Latest Kinsman MoTeC Telemetry Plugin Comments

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ronaldthomas on Sep-07-2018

Hi guys, congratulation to the forum and the site, very very kind.
i had a problem on my dataacqisition plugin, sometimes, when i download data and make a compare between 2 laps there is an offset and i saw that the distance used by the program is always the same, and is the track lenght, but in reality it change with trayectory, and this cause a problem because my laptime is extended to the real track lenght and not to the real distance made. how can i change this feature? is a Motec problem or a bug of the plugin?thankyou for your help
TheSte7 on Nov-07-2017

Thanks for the info Cossie55.

The package has had MoTeC software removed - It no longer contravenes any terms as outlined by MoTeC (in itself).
Kinsman on Apr-14-2015

Please keep in mind that the this software is being used without the approval of the software owner MoTeC (for whom I work)

RFactor have been contacted on this as they legally are obliged to attain approval from MoTeC before using this software.

Do not contact MoTeC for any support or issues with the illegal use of this software.
cossie55 on Feb-16-2015

Kinsman on Jun-20-2014

hello friend, this link does not work ... Could you post an active link again? thank you
balbisan on May-15-2014

Anybody know how to get steered angle to work?
mattbennett92 on Mar-20-2014

Hi Kinsman, by any chance do you have a working link for version 1.4? Thanks for letting us know, the current MediaFire link is broken.
[RFC]-Fresh! on Mar-13-2014

First, let me say if my post above sounds a bit short it's probably because it was 1am

I know it's hard to find people online, and a lot of guys who did rF1 stuff have moved on to other things. And I have to say I've never been looking for a chance to say, "hey, look at me, look at what I've done, aren't I great?", it just grated a bit to find my plugin credited to DanZ. I'm not sure how you found it (I know it got distributed all over the place within a couple of days of initial release at the ISI forum) but the version you're using came with a lengthy readme in the archive, so I'm guessing that got lost somewhere.

Anyway, I don't want to take away from what DanZ did either, I used his plugin for close to 2 years before I found it was crashing my rFactor when logging races (why log races? I have no idea... but I did...) and wrote my own. That 1255 came out after that, and I made brake wear work with it (I think the DAQ plugin stopped at 1250), was just good timing really. I'm also aware the DAQ plugin output stopped working with later versions of Motec software, though I never looked into why.

2 things in response to your now overly glowing credits and above post:

The plugin really isn't all that great. Nearly all the telemetry info is just given by the game and anyone can output it to a text file, or a binary file with a format of their own design, I just spent some time working out the motec log file format.

It was only ever made for my own use, just had to do a couple of updates/fixes when I decided to release it and found it didn't always work right. As with most 'personal use' tools it's not particularly user-friendly so I can fully understand the desire to package it in a form that's more accessible. Depending what you're repackaging the author might not be happy about it, but given the plugin is quite simple (the 'magic', really, is Motec's work) I don't have a problem with it at all. If and when I get around to updating this plugin I'll probably try and cater for different usage scenarios but it's difficult to make everyone happy, so anyone's free to repackage as they see fit. But yeah, a mention as the plugin author would be nice

Finally, I know the plugin won't fully work with the latest rF1 version (the ISI-protected one). That's something that will be rectified if and when I make a new version. rF2 will have priority, and I haven't even started rewriting that one yet, so it won't be soon.
lazwatson on Mar-11-2014

Hi Lazza,


I wanted to get in touch with all the guys who had contributed work to this - I really wanted to talk to you all and properly credit everyone, but I couldn't as it's hard to find people based on aliases alone.

Thanks for your comments about the crediting - indeed I was simply going off what I had found and read in order to attribute credit. I shall make all the necessary amendments to ensure everyone gets the credit they rightfully deserve.

You, my good man, have done some fantastic work. I don't mean to undermine your work or in any way criticise it inadvertently by making this pack, but I and others found it a little difficult to install on occasions, so I put it all together and formed an instruction set that made the process a lot easier to understand. Please don't for a moment think that I am in any way trying to steal credit or otherwise disseminate people's efforts.

I won't ask anything about the beacon file - I understand that a man's work is his pride and I won't pry into it any more. I shall put your remarks into the FAQ and remove DanZ's status as a primary contributor.

Thanks ever so much for getting in touch! It's helped me and a few other straighten out some key things to do with this.
Kinsman on Mar-10-2014

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