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Knockhill 2011 1.01

By: Redhawk
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 20-Aug-12
Current release: 1.010, on 20-Aug-12

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Screenie by: Redhawk
Screenie by: Redhawk
Screenie by: comadylover5
Screenie by: comadylover5

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Knockhill 2011 by Ryan Callan.

Not strictly 2011 in all senses of the word, eg adverts, trucks etc, but close to the current era. Named 2011 mainly to differentiate from the current 07 version.

Represents a major upgrade visually, increasing track side objects, for a more event type feel, rather than the sparse feel of previous versions.

The textures are fairly high in saturation, which may not be to everyone's tastes, but something I wanted to try here. Included cloudy skies to give that 'Knockhill' feel, without spoiling the experience too much with dreary lighting.

Extract to GameData\Locations.


Originally converted to GTR from TRD3 by Simracer.
Converted to rFactor by Ferrari27.
Upgraded to v2.0 by motorfx.
Now updated to '2011' by Ryan Callan.

Credits for 2011:

Redhawk - objects, textures, AIW, project lead
Flaux - advert textures, AIW
pycat - cameras

Thanks to:

motorfx - upgrade (v2.0)
6e66o - skies
zwiss - some textures from GTR2 version
Ferrari27 - rFactor convert
Simracer - GTR convert
lasercutter - groove
BTB Xpacks - crowds

General information:
Runs at constant 70FPS+ here (full detail, 1080p 6xAA), but if you struggle with framerate issues then turning shadows from Max to High should help.

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Thank you also with SLN for these textures of horizon.
newstart027 on Nov-07-2016

Would be grateful if Redhawk could contact myself or if anybody can tell me how to get in touch with him. Looking for permission's in regard to his Knockhill map.
d8ncer on Nov-16-2014

Brilliant graphic, palette, SUPER!!!
TATA007007 on Nov-01-2014

What is the safest link you have shared? I don't want any viruses.
epicface90 on Sep-18-2014

Thanks for sharing this track! I love Knockhill, one of my local circuits, and so much fun to drive. I think you really captured the 'feel' of the track and the elevation changes superbly. Great job.
satnav92 on May-14-2014

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