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Knockhill07 2

By: motorfx
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 31-Mar-09
Current release: 2, on 31-Mar-09

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Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: motorfx
Screenie by: motorfx
Screenie by: motorfx
Screenie by: motorfx
Screenie by: motorfx
Screenie by: motorfx
Screenie by: motorfx
Screenie by: motorfx

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Knockhill07 version
rfactor loading screens by Taku,

this is based on the Knockhill Conversion for RFactor by Ferrari27
but mostly the updated work I did for Race07 version now put into an Rfactor version with some extras, trees, bushes, knockhill, knockhill pitwall and btcc trucks.
thanks to zwiss for pointing out part of a barrier was missing, now fixed..
Credit to Simracer for original conversion to GTR
Working pit and start lights
Dynamic Shadows

cheers Ken

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Track Layout
Racing Line
AI Behaviour
Facilities (Pits, Grid etc)
OK Track Naming
FPS Performance
Realistic Track Surface
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This track like a kart track, very small, i dont like, the sky is fkced
Rafaalves on Apr-13-2010

modbaraban on Aug-07-2009

I love the track but I have big issue with the skies that ruins the immersion big time Any help?
PS: I've no sky texture upgrades installed
modbaraban on Jun-28-2009

marc512 on Apr-10-2009

here a short impression video of Knockhill with a RS500 Ford Sierra Cosworth:
good luck !
mickey65 on Apr-05-2009

Top stuff lads my local track aswell, ive been around it many times real life........... i can't wait to give it a whirl

PS any chance of opening the oval section up
hutchfaescotland on Apr-04-2009

Many thanks for this good job!
I want to change sky textures (with Hudson Kerr)
I can't found it.
You change the texture name?
koolpapy on Apr-04-2009

The Track is very nice and very interesting, looks better than here on pictures and driving is difficult, very nice "clubtrack" from GB !!!!!!!!!
This is the Niveau from Cadwell Park to drive, having fights with Touring Cars !!
mickey65 on Apr-02-2009

Thank you very much Ken ;-)
Gonzaga on Apr-01-2009

I've been looking for Knockhill for a long time
TeshawnEdmonds on Apr-01-2009

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