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Knutstorp 1.10

By: Simracer
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 18-Nov-05
Current release: 1.100, on 18-Nov-05

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Screenie by: ototo
Screenie by: ototo
Screenie by: mattias
Screenie by: mattias
Screenie by: mattias
Screenie by: mattias
Screenie by: mattias
Screenie by: mattias

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I've converted this small, but fun track to RFactor.
It's not a beta version, I've spent a lot of time with this one and now it's ready.
I've added night lighting, start / pit lights / pace car etc etc.
I've added a couple of bridges and reworked the aiw a lot, especially in the pitlane where there is now room for 39 cars and no problems with pileups.
I've tested it with all the current mods and all work well.
So, give it a try, if you like it then great, if you dont, then delete it.

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This article is amazing. I will tell about it to my friends and anybody that could be interested in this subject. Thanks 192.168.O.1
KarlaB on Sep-23-2016

Thanks for at great track!
Will be following the new Swedish TTA Touring series, and trying to get these tracks so it will be easier to follow the cars on TV or on sight.
Was in Karlskoga 12/5 and watched the premiere at Gellerasen. Thanks to rfactor i new exactly every turn and twist on the track.
That lifted the experience very much!

Link to the tracks:

Race on!
Cornsnake on May-14-2012
lviw on Oct-24-2010

I have uploaded the track to http://pitlane.theoldergamers....nload/knutstorp1-1.rar.

I will leave it there for at least a month.

Major_Mess on Aug-03-2010

The link doesn't work. Please, put a good link in the rFcator Central page as usual.
stratman on May-15-2010

Ok... just found a good working link for this very "FUN" little track. It's a blast in the older, classic, slower cars. Lots of elevation changes, and a couple of tight corners. You have to be a registered user..... but, it's worth it.
wiseriver on Feb-12-2010

Come on guys.... still no link to the track... Does anybody know where to get it?
wiseriver on Feb-10-2010

Anybody got a link that works?
grizzlywilds on Nov-27-2009

Still no link, Kimi's link does not work either. Any alternatives?
marzattax on Nov-14-2009


There is no link to download, can you please upload it somewhere?!

pmt666 on Sep-21-2009

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