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Koenigsegg CCX 0

By: RMi
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Street
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
Progress Bar:

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: nelsoncaroco
Screenie by: nelsoncaroco

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Hi all this is the Koenigsegg CCX, part of a mod, that goes by the name of RMi SuperCars mod.

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if ur absolutely desperate for a koenigsegg try the shift street modit has a koenigsegg and 40 other different cars that aren't on rfc including a bugatti veyron. and unfortunetly no it doesn't have the CCXR
heres the exe installer:
guitardude on Aug-01-2011

We've got the Koenigsegg in IMSA GT FWIW.
IMSA GTP on Jul-21-2011

Does anyone know what has happened to this mod? I'm desperate for somebody to produce a realistic CCX, and this looks like it could be it - it's just a shame that the progress bar has never moved...
Agera on Jul-20-2011

When can we drive this awesome car???
P4_ on Jun-15-2010

Where's The Mod ? Still WIP ? lol
RDS on Nov-22-2009

This mod is a joke. Just shows you what happens when someone tries to do too much. Removing from WIP, this has gone nowhere new in 3 years.
CrotchRocket on Jul-11-2009

I'm looking for CCXR version rFactor.
I want to create a private mod for my league with CCXR and Gumper Apollo
koolpapy on Jun-15-2009

It looks like it's going well but could you post a beta download link like on the Bugatti Veyron Please!!!
Nathan.Batham on Jan-23-2009

Great, but will this include the CCXR Edition as well as the CCX?
Minaturegt3 on Jan-13-2009

I have the F40 on GTR2 but RMi is a fair busy guy if someone with some experience could point me in the direction of conversion i could help this project along
Luckie69Steve on Sep-29-2008

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