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Korea Circuit 2010 1.40

By: ADMf1
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 08-Mar-10
Current release: 1.400, on 18-Oct-10

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Screenie by: vathon
Screenie by: vathon
Screenie by: sharkeyes7
Screenie by: sharkeyes7
Screenie by: vathon
Screenie by: vathon
Screenie by: powermantwo
Screenie by: powermantwo
Screenie by: powermantwo
Screenie by: powermantwo

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Se trata de un circuito permanente, diseñado por Hernan Tilke, de una longitud de 5621 m, en el que se circula en sentido contrario a las agujas del reloj, tiene 18 curvas, 10 de las cuales a izquierdas y 8 a derechas, y una gran recta de mas de 1 km.

El circuito internacional de Korea, es de nueva creación y por tanto con muy poco información para poder crear una replica virtual para la simulación, pese a ello desde ADMf1 se ha intentado conseguir la mayor fidelidad posible, creando todos los edificios previstos, con fondos de horizonte reales y con desniveles en la pista, tanto pianos, vallas y escapes se ajustan al máximo a la realidad del trazado.

Este circuito virtual a sido creado por Natxer y Athon, para ADMf1.

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thanks Admf1 and powermantwo, good.
alizulfuqar on Feb-17-2011

Hello F1 friends.
Wanted to ask how you liked the shared route of me now?
powermantwo on Jan-19-2011

I got the permission of "ADMf1" to release me from modified line as a download.
Here is the confirmation of "ADMf1": You can do modifications, indicating in the result the name of the original authors (ADMf1).
But, soon we will extract a new version 2.0 of the circuit.


Hre the Downlaod of the Track:
And here's a Fix with description:

Thank`s to "ADMf1"
powermantwo on Jan-08-2011

I present here are the wonder of ADMf1 Team:
I get the permit, which give me revised track of you here as dowlnload free?
Have been getting many requests if I can not release for download, as this route is rated by me as very positive.
powermantwo on Jan-02-2011

I once created a video with the updates that I created.
The route I have adjusted the real system, as far as I could.
The video is not the best quality and the sound is a bit loud.
Here is the video for download:
powermantwo on Nov-08-2010

Originally posted by: NAD

Who is doing this shit like this track? graters they suck any irregular corners stands the same everywhere. grass poorly mapped. Sorry, but as I do it somehow to make it consistent.

Nad, you look pretty arrogant here!
this track is the first one close to real and you spit on it, unfair!

after testing a few before this one, I can tell, this is the first one which looks as a racing track!

great job!
seua on Nov-02-2010

Here is a new AIW:
This AIW is the real qualification round of Sebastian Vettel has been adapted.
powermantwo on Nov-01-2010

To change somthing when a circuit is finished by someone else is very easy. please don't make changes nor post them.

We will update and inproove the circuit in next versions.
vathon on Oct-30-2010

@ powermantwo I'd like to use it in my league, if you send me a link with it, I'll use it, but it would be private... I liked the updates you made, thats PERFECT!
Why don't you ask permition for ADMF1?
Thanks (:
fabriciojoc on Oct-29-2010

big thx for that. i will test it the next hours :-)
KlotzamBein on Oct-29-2010

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