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Korea International Circuit 1

By: Speed Racing Studio
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 31-Oct-10
Current release: 1, on 31-Oct-10

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Screenie by: Speed Racing Studio
Screenie by: Speed Racing Studio
Screenie by: Speed Racing Studio
Screenie by: Speed Racing Studio
Screenie by: Speed Racing Studio
Screenie by: Speed Racing Studio
Screenie by: Speed Racing Studio
Screenie by: Speed Racing Studio
Screenie by: Speed Racing Studio
Screenie by: Speed Racing Studio

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Welcome to the new Korea International Circuit of Speed Racing Studio!!!

Lewis Hamilton & Sakon Yamamoto have already trained on it!!! Do you want to be the last one to do it?


We have already collaborated with the simulation Japanese company Race Fight Club in an advertising event for Tag Heuer in Seoul where Lewis Hamilton drove.

Moreover, Sakon Yamamoto wanted to train too in our circuit with the driving simulators.


This new track is completely different than the other version 0.71.
In V1 you will see:
- NEW Layout
- NEW Textures
- The Boxes of the real circuit
- The terraces of the real circuit
- NEW CBD with a perfectioned distribution
- NEW AIW by Birkuc
- An immerse HDR effect

The version 1 will have some bugs with the Box textures. But we will resolve it with an update when I found the origin of the problem.

Unfortunately, the Up and Down curves will be realized for the V2.

Thank you and we hope that you will like it.

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first of all thanks for the work you did until now and for the progress in this or other projects.
The Track looks good. Better than the others. Ok there are lot of things not includet jet, but I guess you work hard on it.
The ups and downs will be come, thats what you wrote. The gras isn't that high so you can cut it short (pixel we dont need ;-) )
The Stands looking great!
Is the pit that smal ? Maybe you can resize that. I have to check a movie for this.
Ok still keep working on it !
QuickIce on Apr-26-2011

i cannot drive on it
JEFFREY FALIZE !!!! ajax on Nov-10-2010

I write here cos I am a smaller, but a part of this project, and the thief word looks funny from your mouth after you didnt negate using Codemasters stuff.
Birkuc on Nov-04-2010

NAD this comment is completly unprofessional. How old are you?
SpeedRacingStudio on Nov-03-2010

The track is flat like a table any hills there. Simple curves, bad layout. BTB textures are bad. Kerby is bad. All lanes GP Korea provided here are weird. Do though, so that the layout was good. The rest will survive.
birkuc thief shut up and do not write anything more here
NAD on Nov-03-2010


- "Yeapp!!", I have provided to improve the layout for the version 2. Also, I will do the height of the circuit. Until now, I didn't want to do the height because I want to do it very good, and now, with all the videos and all the images is easier.

- "doser" & "NAD", your converted versions of CM are illegal, they breach the Copyright rules and it is not ethical. Also, you write here, insulting our work and saying that your work is better. This is a very rude comportment.

Thanks for the comments (except someone). It can help us to further improve.
And remember, we don't want to do a 100% real circuit, we want to improve the reality, invent and innovate. This is our objective, because Speed Racing Studio is Modding for the Future.

I hope that you will like our point of view as Lewis Hamilton and Sakon Yamamoto.
SpeedRacingStudio on Nov-03-2010

interesting, maybe they wanna release here CM's track or some part of it? bad idea...
Birkuc on Nov-03-2010

Hey Nad, can you please try communicating with improved kindness?
[RFC]-Fresh! on Nov-02-2010

This track is shit, shut the ***** birkuc doser how to convert? Do not talk about it oki?
NAD on Nov-02-2010

The Layout is wrong and is not real. In addition, the pit exit is not very good. But the main grandstand and the two pit buildings are very good. I hope when you update your version you remember to make the Track surface more real. But with the buildings on the sides of the long straight it looks very good.
Yeapp!! on Nov-02-2010

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