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Korean Grand Prix 2010 0.80

By: Rizke
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 03-Oct-10
Current release: 0.800, on 03-Oct-10

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Screenie by: witchuno
Screenie by: witchuno
Screenie by: witchuno
Screenie by: witchuno
Screenie by: witchuno
Screenie by: witchuno
Screenie by: rizke45
Screenie by: rizke45
Screenie by: rizke45
Screenie by: rizke45

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Korean GrandPrix 2010. 0.8 by Rizke


ZIP file added

Added 0.81 version
- Lap counter fixed
- rmbl (?kerb?) fix

Thanks to BujdosoT!



"We are a Spanish community that is using your circuit, we have encountered an error on the grill in the race, the positions are very advanced, I changed the coordinates to fix it after I pass the file if you want to use, alone and unchanged since the 1 pole position 17. Thanks for your circuit and I hope this helps you serve. "Simulation Hispanic Community"


Web: - Soon...

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This track is NOT the real track. Most corners are really different from the real track, expecially in sector 2 and 3.
Vivolozzi on Oct-24-2010

double post, sorry
MrH on Oct-22-2010

The problem with the lap counter is that the Xsector1.gmt and xsector2.gmt are reversed. In other words do this:

rename xsector1 to xsector2
rename xsector2 to xsector1

You are going to have to redo the aiw file too.
MrH on Oct-22-2010

When is 0.95 version release expected?
Busy on Oct-22-2010

..beautiful track... only one thing, first two corner are 'inverted', i explain; from videos and/or images or track maps the first corner after the finish line is wider, the, the second is narrower...

If you are intentioned to publish an upgrade, take count about this....

BTW, a lot of grats and thanks for the job.... sure it is better (but very very very much more better) then the only version of Abu Dhabi 2009 avaliable in the real race days.... last year
Piepolo on Oct-17-2010


Please, correct the bug "START Line"...

...the cars do not stand on the Start Line but 150 meters - 200 meters ahead...impossible to see the red lights.

The GP of my league is October what you think it will be fixed before, I say?

Congradulation for your good work
DiFo on Oct-14-2010

Please, remember race bug for fix it on new version! First positions on starting grid can not view the light.

Busy on Oct-14-2010

Thanks for the quick update to the track! It works perfectly now! Keep up the good work!
Gramps on Oct-14-2010

Ok. saw badly in a video that was after the first curve. You have reason forgive me. Thank you
a.vila on Oct-12-2010

Great Job + Its Greatly Appreciated Thanks
Dazor2515 on Oct-12-2010

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