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Korean International Circuit 2

By: macci dESIGN.
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 04-Oct-11
Current release: 2, on 10-Apr-13

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Screenie by: macci
Screenie by: macci
Screenie by: macci
Screenie by: macci
Screenie by: macci
Screenie by: macci
Screenie by: macci
Screenie by: macci
Screenie by: macci
Screenie by: macci

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The Korean International Circuit is a 5.62 km (3.49 mile) motorsport circuit located in Mokpo, Yeongam County, South Jeolla province, South Korea, 400 kilometres south of Seoul.


> New Textures.
> New Models.
> Layout modified to make it more real.
> Heights were improved in some parts of the circuit.
> Pits entirely new.
> F1 Layout
> Permanent Layout

IMPORTANT -> Clear the 2010 version of the circuit to avoid problems.

Please read README file in install folder.

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Estimados compañeros de la pasión del automovilismo virtual:
Inspirado en los gráficas de los maravillosos mods 1982.
newstart027 on Dec-01-2016

Hello Macci. I've got a problem found in the AIW.
When I race, and the AI ??cars drive clean in the pits to change tires, drive
the car when this is done, not left, but to the right and then push
against the wall of the box. Thus, there will ONLY failures in the race. Can you this error fix ???????
powermantwo on Dec-19-2011

Macci estas trabajando en la actualización con los avisos del 2011?? Porque es lo unico nuevo el circuito sigue igual.
sharkeyes7 on Oct-23-2011

Ok Macci thanx for the response , sry but i don't know how either.
Bruce_Leeroy on Oct-13-2011

This is a very good looking Korean International Circuit. From the ones I've seen so far I find this one the best looking. Only the track camera's on the first part of the lap are not so good.
NitroMcClean on Oct-12-2011

Buenísimo macci, buenísimo (soy Krys23, tengo la cuenta esta con el nick ese viejísimo xD)
cho vieja on Oct-12-2011

I just wasted 2 evenings trying to get this track to work on our league server. Very disappointed to come here and see a patch already... I appreciate the effort, track looks fantastic, but... Did you not test??
endonesia on Oct-11-2011

The Start/Finish line does not match up to the line painted on the track. As you come around to complete a lap it counts your lap before you cross the Start/Finish line. (Maybe 50-100 meters too soon.) Perhaps the xfinish object is not aligned to the Start/Finish line on the track surface, or perhaps a problem in the AIW file.
JPS on Oct-11-2011

Originally posted by: Bruce_Leeroy

Don't know if you have plans to make a wet version but it would be nice.

hello, look, I thought I have to do the wet version, but still I have to learn how. : D

But I do want to do it.

macci on Oct-11-2011

Don't know if you have plans to make a wet version but it would be nice.
Bruce_Leeroy on Oct-11-2011

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