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Kyalami GP79 2.50

By: Grand Prix Classics
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 01-Aug-06
Current release: 2.500, on 30-Apr-09

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Screenie by: gundwane1978
Screenie by: gundwane1978
Screenie by: julianus
Screenie by: julianus
Screenie by: julianus
Screenie by: julianus
Screenie by: motorfx
Screenie by: motorfx
Screenie by: motorfx
Screenie by: motorfx

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the latest 2.5 version is a replacement track,that supercedes any earlier versions 2.02/03 in the gpc79 track series, redone some textures and remodelled some of the layout to be more in line with the look of 1979
also included the new high res texture for the skyboxi by 6e660
ignore the naming of the rar files, the 03 referred to the track order for kyalami in the GPC79 track Series.

For a anyone wishing to run it as a single track who does not have the rest of the gp79 track series?. you will need to create a folder "GPC79tracks" inside your rfactorlocations and drop 03_Kyalami folder in that..

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I can't get on any online games because of this.......
j.d.roost on Feb-13-2010

I also need the v2.5 tracks, thx for help!
BenT on Feb-12-2010

j.d.roost on Feb-10-2010

Please, need new link for new link for Kyalami, Silvertone ans Oterrichring v2.5s.
leomenegucci on Jan-29-2010

can someone tell me how to install this rack?

extracted .rar path was


inside the \03_Kyalami dir there is a bunch of GPCKyalami.mas files, and then another Kyalami79 subfolder, which contains more track info

which folder get copied into my locations dir?

\rFactor\GameData\Locations\03_Kyalami\Kyalami79 ??

also why isn't this version 2.5 as listed in the link? looks like I have 2.3

would be nice to include a readme.txt explaining the track install (!!!)


*edit* track does not load...should it be called "GPCKyalami" instead of "03_Kyalami" ?
ummagumma on Aug-01-2009

Thanks guys for the updates on the tracks you released!
Great work.
Will46 on May-01-2009

sorry for any confusion,
please ignore the naming of the rar file in the link, that was associated with order of tracks in the GPC series, 03 being Kyalami

@Robrace, you should find the latest updates of them over at nogrip,
motorfx on May-01-2009

Thank You for the continous update of this historical track.
I would truly appreciate if this track as well as Silverstone can be uploaded to Megaupload, Filefront or Nogripracing as I cannot download the file from Rapidshare.

Being my 'home' track and watching many races there, it is of great importance to me!

robrace on Apr-30-2009

I see them at the top of the list.... cant wait to try em! Viva 79!
RustyM on Apr-30-2009

Hi. escuse me where is the Kyalami 79 v2.50 on the download list?? Just i see a file v2.03
Gonzaga on Apr-30-2009

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