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LFFBMngr 1.10

By: JoKeR68

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: joker68
Screenie by: joker68

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Simple utility that permits the user to create a list of LeoFFB.ini files associated with mod names. You can have any number of mod names (or car names, whatever) associated with different ini settings (each setting residing in a different txt or ini file).

Run this tool prior to launch rFactor, and then you can simply choose the setting you plan to play and the tool will copy that file over the LeoFFB.ini located at the rFactor main folder.

You can add and delete associations (when deleting associations, no file will be deleted from disk).

You can start rFactor from the tool, after choosing/applying the right configuration.

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@omega_swift, learn how to use you software so you can identify what is called a "falls positive".

Security software block everything they don't know. If you let it, it will rule your life.

Malwarebytes and Avast did not find anything wrong with this.
MotherDawg on Jan-31-2018

I have been using this tool for over a year. I use only Leo's FFB addon, and now with this tool, I am able to change the leoffb.ini with two clicks, and then start the game. Great addon. If you use Leo's, this addon is a must.
rer8 on Nov-25-2011

My Internet Security Suite scanned this file as malicious upon download...
i had to delete it...

why malicious???
omega_swift on Mar-03-2010

And where is download link?
sgbmad on Feb-10-2010

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