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LGSL - PHP Server Monitor 4.60

By: Richard Perry

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: whoisrich
Screenie by: whoisrich

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LGSL is a PHP monitoring script that supports RFactor.

Displays on a website such information as the current track, number of drivers, maximum drivers, and more.

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Cool. I will be waiting to download those monitors after I go Pro account. My page on will be still without downloading option, as I need to work on it more. Will see if it's good enough to use LHGT coding system.
erickfroom on Jan-25-2017

Works very well on our site I've made quite a few track maps for it. You can download the first pack from our site.
Its only flaw is that it doesnt auto refresh but refreshing your browser isnt the end of the world.

I think its a really nice addon to our website...stop by if you still need help
GrimDad on Sep-24-2009

Has anyone got this to work with rfactor or any other driving sim for that matter. I cannot get it to work with rfactor, works ok for cod4 . any ideas?

Smurf Racer on Jul-22-2009

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