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La Conca 2

By: Eurokart-Sim Development Team
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Kart Tracks
Initial release: 19-Jan-07
Current release: 2, on 20-Feb-07

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International Circuit La Conca hosts one of the most prestige European kart events. The European Championships. Located in south Italy, it is one of the best circuits on the tour.

The track is 1.250 KM, with 12 turns. Lap record in an ICA kart, is a 46.9. Early beta testing with the ICA mod from eurokart-sim produced times in the 46's. So the track is very accurate.

Special thanks to MaTi for all his work.

Also, check out the Only rFactor European-style karting league at

La Conca V1.1: flattened out some bumps, fixed the rumble strips, added some cams, some graphical work done. When running installer, point it towards your rFactor folder!

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Between corners 11 and 12, there seems to be a huge bump, and it affects the track greatly. any explanations?
joostin28 on Jun-09-2011

i need to contact the eurokart-sim team, an help?
i want to convert the la conca track to another sim
VELOCIPEDE on Feb-05-2011

i agree with tonix _89 give us Sarno track
Nelvi on Feb-12-2010

Hello! I am a passionate Italian who would like to ask you one thing: what do you think to create the World circuit of my city, Sarno (Salerno), Italy?
The circuit is called the Circuito Internazionale Napoli, and this is the link to the official site
Let me know, hello!
tonix_89 on Aug-23-2009

At some point the link to version 3 of LaConca was replaced with version 2, which is causing a lot of people to mismatch. Get the current version from this link:
Culley on Jul-24-2009

Has anyone ever noticed a spot on the starting grid before the race seems to put a kart sideways? This causes issues on race start.
itgl72 on Oct-13-2008

I'd like your permission for a wet version, may I?
zeuchoa on Oct-11-2008

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