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La Haine 5

By: Rocana Nuskooler
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 08-Dec-10
Current release: 5, on 23-Aug-13

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Screenie by: Rocana Nuskooler
Screenie by: Rocana Nuskooler
Screenie by: Rocana Nuskooler
Screenie by: Rocana Nuskooler
Screenie by: Rocana Nuskooler
Screenie by: Rocana Nuskooler
Screenie by: Rocana Nuskooler
Screenie by: Rocana Nuskooler
Screenie by: Rocana Nuskooler
Screenie by: Rocana Nuskooler
Screenie by: Rocana Nuskooler
Screenie by: Rocana Nuskooler

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La HAINE 70s GP. v5.000 (2013 Summer Revision)

Full new reconstruction of the track, ambiented in late 70's and early 80's.

Retexturized, some curves changed, added more decoration, new realistic surface, etc...

The track have 2 ways, there are a normal and reverse sections.

The surface bumps affect differently depending on the mod chosen. On street car mods with soft suspension bumps can be very soft, but hardly suspension mods can be uncomfortable. Intermediate Mods give perfect results. I've tried several and for example, DRM Revival, Historic GT & Touring, go well.(Remember the track is ambiented in those years...) The surface revision add a touch of difficulty and realism to the path, which in this version is a bit narrower.
Some parts of the layout has changed, increasing the lap distance to 4929 m. In this new version the idea was do a more difficult and realistic track.(This is why i make it narrow, bumpy and has those sharp kerbs.

The track is a little tribute to the masterly film from Mathieu Kassovitz.

I hardly recommend realfeel plugin, with a good configuration, or similar.

I hope you enjoy, and want to say thanks by the well aceptation of the track :)

Please HOF, vote and comment any bug¡¡¡ Thanks to everybody for your support¡¡

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Maybe you could a FPS-tweak rework of the mod? ^^
DoktorRotax on Jul-20-2014

Great track, thanks!

But i have slow FPS at some points of the track. Usually my rFactor is very smooth...
DoktorRotax on Sep-07-2013

Wow. Great track. Perfect for cars of that era with forgiving suspensions. Layout is very challenging and rewarding. Would love to see those alternate roads developed some day!
pdutch on Aug-28-2013

Thanks for this track. I can confirm that the AI crash when leaving the pitlane in the reverse version.

Davy512 on Aug-24-2013

I also have problems with low frame-rate in some places, mostly on pit exit and the section after turn 7(left hairpin) where it drops to 42fps. I have all settings on max graphics but have no problems with any of the other 300 tracks I have installed. Otherwise great track, good range of corners and undulations, the detail you put into the bumps is great, something i've not seen in any other track. If the FPS was improved it would be awesome!!
Learie on Aug-24-2013

Es porque algunas texturas (asfalto, hierba,...) y algunos objetos como árboles son de alta resolución... así que solo te queda bajar el nivel gráfico de detalles, o si puedes comprar una gráfica mejor... siento no poder ayudarte, sería una locura cambiar las texturas y objetos por otras de menor resolución...
PD; cuando pruebo la versión reverse, al salir del pit la ia se estrella siempre, ¿os pasa lo mismo?

It happens because some textures and objects are HD, ... so you could decrease graphic level or, if you can, buy a better graphic card... (the solution is change the texture and objects,... in other words, do half track again... and put low resolution textures and objects...
PD; when i try reverse version, the ia crash always when it get out of boxes, it happens everybody??
nuskooler on Aug-23-2013

El circuito esta muy bien pero en la 5.0 hay sitios como el principio del 2 sector donde los frames caen en picado
juanote34 on Aug-23-2013

On board v5.00 preview for small players (don't appears the car)
nuskooler on Aug-22-2013

the currently track photos belongs to 5.00 version**
nuskooler on Jul-05-2013

un gran trabajo, me tiene enganchadisimo este circuito, haz mas por favor.
muchas gracias por tu labor.
sikomanolo on May-24-2011

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