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La Paloma Street Course 2009 1

By: Rodrigouy and Cammel
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 05-Jun-10
Current release: 1, on 05-Jun-10

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Screenie by: rodrigouy
Screenie by: rodrigouy
Screenie by: rodrigouy
Screenie by: rodrigouy
Screenie by: rodrigouy
Screenie by: rodrigouy

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

After a lot of time since we published this beta we like to talk with all the Uruguay Simracing and the public in general.

At this time of my life i assumed new challenges in my life (i´m journalist) so i´vent much time to finish this tracks. So i decided to left this beta in this state at the moment.

Track it´s the same as you seen in the 0.6 version.

Original Description:

Well, well, well, another Uruguay Circuit for rFactor. This time is a fictional street course in La Paloma. This city is the most important Atlantical Turistical city of the country, frequented by young people and foreign tourists, a paradise for surfers and one of the most beautifaul places of Uruguay.

Since time ago i think the idea of a street circuit in this place, and when i comment them to Mikos i start with them, and for this medium we show to the National Motorsports authorities and to the Rocha´s Province Governator a new chance to have a national championships rounds in another places of the country, and specially in this, a very popular city. I propose this track to release the first round of AUVo championships in the Carnival Sunday or the next sunday, i think are the best dates for a race here.

About the Track, very fast, but is very hard to pass another car and the walls here no have forgot. Really thanks to Cammel for the 1st Quality AIW and Mikos, our fantastic and always our betatester.

Extract in your "Locations" folder.

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Tell me, please, a working link to the track La_Paloma 2009 v1.0
Link only works on the beta version.
Thank you.
lachub on Jan-25-2013

menos mal q en el exterior no conocen al pato celeste.... sino verguenza nacional jaja
rodrigouy on Jun-05-2010

jajajjaja este Gaby se pasa jajaja el pato celeste xD
daniel52 on Jun-05-2010

Vamos arriba la Celeste y el Pato Celeste tambien.. !! hoy mismo voy a bajar yprobar este circuito..

Ya que estamos y viendo que les quedan muy bueno... Piriapolis ?? sale un Piria ...
Fernandino on Mar-12-2009

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