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Lada 0

By: Mio
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Street
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Screenie by: Hoonza
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Screenie by: Mio
Screenie by: Mio
Screenie by: Mio
Screenie by: Mio

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This mod will contain Lada 2104 and 2105.

Project leader - Mio
3D graphics - Styvn and Charlee
2D graphics - Styvn, Hoonza and Mio
Physics - Mio

Sounds - Mio


Physics - 98%

3D Graphics outside - 100%

3D Graphics inside - 10%

2D Graphics outside - 97%

2D Graphics inside - 0%

Sounds - 0%

Menu - 80%

Music - 100%

Videos - 0%

We work on brake lights and We remove problem with compatibleness 2104 and 2105.
Styvn goes to Spain for one year. The 3D graphics inside will make by Charlee.

We are discussion with Movie recording studio for recording sounds Lada, rigth now.

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Please reupload this !
asdkecskemore on Oct-08-2014

Thanks a lot, Hoonza!
sigulka on Oct-01-2011

Hi, sorry that I am replying so late :-) Here you can download the unfinished version that I have:

Remember that cockpit is not included and the sound is from other car because new sound was never completed.
Hoonza on Oct-01-2011

Well, it would be nice to try it, if you've uploaded it somewhere, Hoonza
sigulka on Jul-25-2011

pls doing this mod :/
FocusWRC on Jul-02-2011

Honzo, uploadni to niekde aj také nedokon?ené. To auto vyzerá nádherne. Podobný problém bol kedysi aj so 130 RS, takéto veci by nemali zosta? v šuflíku, potom vychádza celá práca nazmar. Mio ?a možno zabije, ale ak to dovtedy stihneš hodi? na net, tak to nevadí... :-)
Miso26 on Jun-28-2011

Well, this mod is dead since late 2007, I dont remember why, I made only textures, bump mapping and some 2d goodies. I think there was some problem with the guy who made 3d model, he moved to another country or something and he did not finish his work. We searched for other 3d artists but with no success. I still have the "beta" version of this mod without cockpit and unfinished sound (plus some bugs maybe), its quite fun on short tracks because the car is really slow. I can upload the unfinnished beta somewhere if you want... Mio would kill me for that, but fu*k that, I spent many months on this and I want people to have fun with this
Hoonza on Apr-23-2011

If you can't be bothered to finish it, why you start it?

I think this thread can be deleted
YashioFactory on Dec-17-2009

C'mon, guys, what's up? As Jeremy Clarkson would say: "How hard can it be" to finish this mod? There's a big amount or work is done, and smaller part is left, mostly graphics inside (if your data is up to date). Personally I don't care about videos and music in mod - I just delete them to make my rfactor load faster. According to your Lada promo video, physics seemed to be good, and the mod even now looks better than some other completed mods. It doesn't seem right to let such mod, such amount of work to be waisted. If you need help in completing this mod, just let us know, I guess we will find people who have skills in 3d or 2d modeling to finish this mod. I would love to try this lada in rfactor. You can see this car on roads here in Lithuania sometimes, mostly owned by older people. We can borrow one to record engine sounds
sigulka on Dec-06-2009

this mod is dead?
Zsolaaa on Nov-03-2009

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