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Lakeside International Raceway 1

By: Mike Cantwell
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 04-May-09
Current release: 1, on 04-May-09

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Screenie by: Mikec87
Screenie by: Mikec87
Screenie by: Mikec87
Screenie by: Mikec87
Screenie by: Mikec87
Screenie by: Mikec87
Screenie by: Mikec87
Screenie by: Mikec87
Screenie by: Mikec87
Screenie by: Mikec87

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Very exited about this track. Representations of Lakeside International Raceway are granted under licence from Queensland Raceways Holdings Pty Ltd, 2009. This for 10 years which is great as the track is undergoing a major revamp and my representation of the track is the last before it changes.

This is a scratch built using Bob's Track Builder, 3DSimEd and 3Ds Max 8.0 and Photoshop CS2.
This track is accurate as of the 11/11/08

Thanks to the following people.
John Tetley, CEO of Queensland Raceways Holdings Pty Ltd.
Brendan Pywell for Bob's Track Builder.
ISI for rFactor and quite a few textures.
Lots of textures from BTB
Known Issues:
Bumps in track. There are lots of bumps and undulations that are not as prominent at the real track. It gives a bit of character and is fun.
Unknown performance on lower end machines. Runs great under Vista and XP in DX9.
May have a longish load time.
Some AI cars do not like the ripple strips.
No start lights. This is a club day track.
Small fields, about 20 max.
Will update AIW file as time goes on.

Future versions:
The 2009 Update.
Mid 1980's race day version for Group A and C use.

There is no part of this track that can be modded or updated without permission. There will be versions for GTL, GTR2, GTR Evo down the track and I look forward to further updates and improvements as time goes by.
Please, I do accept constructive criticism, not destructive.

Looking at a 3 to 6 month time frame.

Mike :)

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Hello. I want to ask for permission to convert this track, to old F1C game. Thanks you very much in advance. Regards.
JALNERVION on Sep-09-2013

HTF does this only get 9 nominations in MOTY ????

[MAD]Hammer on Dec-19-2010

Arguably the most underrated rFactor the AE86 Levin Toyota is an exceptional racing experience. Fine work and looking forward for future updates. Mr. Cantwell, you're one of the best track modders here.
sir wheeley banton on Mar-11-2010

Arguably the most underrated rFactor track running. I love racing the AE85 Levin on it.
sir wheeley banton on Mar-11-2010

Excellent work Mike, can't wait to see Gnoo Blas. So you like historic tracks- any chance of doing Lobethal?
rubensgt40 on May-12-2009

Hi guys. Working on the fps issue. On Ultra setting in game and full qual settings in Nvidia setting, I started at an average of 144 fps measured at 13 points on the track incar. After some polygon crunching it went to 167.5 fps. What I am hoping for is a 15-20% increase in frame rate which means 25fps goes to 30fps if you have a low end machine.

With in game setting at Normal and Nvidia default, I went from 225 to 252 fps.

I will release as 1.01 after I fiddle with the textures as well.

Mikec87 on May-12-2009

Originally posted by: Mikec87Hi. The camber of the track is correct, the bumps need adjusting, which I am doing, but are bad enough to nearly pull the steering wheel out of your hands. Go to youtube and watch the Dick Johnson Lakeside incar lap. To get it perfect, I am more than happy for someone to give me $30,000 to do a laser scan of the track . Yes, that is what it costs.

It is also version 1.00. There are 2 more coming, the 2009 Update and a 1985 version of the track so the Group A cars look at home.

This will be an ongoing thing, not a "release and forget". I am aloso working on Top Gear 2.00 and Gnoo Blass.


Laser sure would be nice, but obviously stupidly expensive. There should be a fair bit of incar around from last year's 2 race meetings and various sprint days. Like others have said, by all means keep the bumps, but it would just be really lovely if they were in the correct spots. Here is a short one from last year that I didn't post on Ausfactor:
Cal on May-10-2009

I really love this track! Keep the roadbumps, they make the track very immersive and a blast to drive with the Touring Car Legends! Only few tracks give me that much fun!
I do have some FPS issues though, so I am looking forward to the update.
(And with the upcoming '89 and '09 versions I guess one will be able to choose between "bumpy-fun" and "licked-surface", so everybody should be happy )
F_Slim on May-09-2009

Fantastic Track!!...Just had a go in the Rally Cross V2.1 Cars!...what a Riot! can drift through all the curves, Beautiful!
...and Please DON'T take the bumps out! feels so Real!

Awesome Awesome...Work!!
analogkid66 on May-08-2009

My apologies Cal

As i said, i like it much better than other versions
And looking foward to 85 and 2009 versions with great anticipation.

I know a council man up there and he let me drive around it in this condition before it gone redone and it was very bumpy.. grew up at redcliffe so this is my home track.
long live world heritage and boo council for trying to reverse that
Wally26 on May-08-2009

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