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Lakeside Park QLD 2

By: Mike Cantwell
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 05-Feb-10
Current release: 2, on 05-Feb-10

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Screenie by: Mikec87
Screenie by: Mikec87
Screenie by: Mikec87
Screenie by: Mikec87
Screenie by: Mikec87
Screenie by: Mikec87
Screenie by: Mikec87
Screenie by: Mikec87
Screenie by: Mikec87
Screenie by: Mikec87

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Hi guys.

Had a great weekend out at Lakeside and spent the day with John Tetley (CEO of QLD Raceway) going through all the buildings and so on. The Lakeside Room will have a museum in it and racing simulators as well. He also took me for 3 laps around the track and it is a lot smoother than it was and my track will try and reflect those changes.

So, this next version will be called Lakeside Park, because there is water skiing, model boat racing on the smaller lake and fishing in the third lake, go carts and all soughts of plans, not just cars on the track. It is a recreation park not just a raceway.

It is not a huge undertaking, just adjust the textures, remake the control tower which is crap (I made it lol!) and a few new buildings (drivers breifing room, first aid room, garages which take 100+ cars and the timing bridge over the main straight) plus the widening of the track by 1 to 4 meters.

It may be able to use online the new track like real life. 10 cars at a time in each class and rotate with 5 laps, 5min break, new cars out and so on.

Will keep you posted.

Mike :)

This is the readme etc;

Representations of Lakeside International Raceway are granted under licence from Queensland Raceways Holdings Pty Ltd, 2009.

The name Lakeside Park, Lakeside International Raceway, Lakeside raceway are owned by Queensland Raceways. I have exclusive licence for naming and likeness for 10 years.

This track is now leased for 40 years which is great as the track was going to be demolished to make way for housing. It has just undergone a $2.5m facelift.

This is a scratch built using Bob's Track Builder, 3DSimEd and 3Ds Max 8.0 and Photoshop CS4.

This track is accurate as possible as of the 11/11/09

Thanks to the following people.
John Tetley, CEO of Queensland Raceways Holdings Pty Ltd.
Brendan Pywell for Bob's Track Builder.
ISI for rFactor and quite a few textures.
Lots of textures from BTB

Changes from Version 1.0
All new control tower, Lakeside room and various other buidling and structures around the track.
Track widened by up to 5 meters in places.
New pit garages
New grass textures
Approx 45,000 less polys
All new armco fences and textures.
Lots of little improvements

Still to do:
Add lots of little details like signs, flags etc.
Complete revamping version 1.000 to represent mid 1980s ATCC
AI needs agjusting
Power poles and lines,
Correct tree locations and images from tree at the track

Known Issues:
Bumps in track. There are lots of bumps and undulations that are not as prominant at the real track. It gives a bit of charactor and is fun.
Unknown performance on lower end machines. Runs great under Vista, W7 and XP in DX9.
May have a longish load time.
Some AI cars do not like the ripple strips.
No start lights. This is a club day track.
Small feilds, about 20 max.
Will update AIW file as time goes on.

There is no part of this track that can be modded or updated without permission. There will be versions for GTL, GTR2, GTR Evo down the track and I look forward to further updates and improvements as time goes by.

Please, I do accept constructive critisizm, not destructive.

Mike :)

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Hi is there an update to this track... or is it currently at rev. 2.0 (2010)??
Many thanks...I am using to learn for track days in a 911.
superfoamy on Jun-18-2014

When i try and start Lakeside in Rfactor i get a gmotor2 error saying Sky.Mas file
what do i do?

Also would love to see Morgan Park Raceway on Rfactor
vandiemen39 on Jul-01-2011


Thank you for the rap

QR is being done and John Tetley hand Keith have given me the CAD files to get the elevations and stuff right. It should be a great version.

I have also an upgraded version of Lakeside Park on the way with corrections and the new gardens etc.

A 1984 version as well as an update of version 1.00.

Mikec87 on Dec-24-2010

Just to give author Mike another well deseved rap - had my first drive on the real track a couple of weeks ago.

After "practising" for a lot of laps on this version, I felt like an "old hand" after just a few real life laps - that's how close this is to the real thing. And now going back to the sim afterwards, I half feel like I am watching a video replay of my day on track.

BTW, nice touch with the damaged section of the bridge - which sits right above the fastest line through that section towards Hungry Corner. Little details like that show a track builder's dedication and relaly add to the sense of imersion.

Top marks. Don't suppose you are interested in doing QR itself to the same standard??.......
Fynsie on Sep-18-2010

fixed, in your rfactor directory c:/programfiles/rfactor/rfactorconfig.exe. change the output from dx7 (standard) to dx9... then will work.
vyma100 on Jun-10-2010

get error "FPOSTWDA_S for material FPOSTWDA" , the 2008 lakeside works fine. but this one brings up this error. running windows vista, dx9c. no problems on any other tracks. As this track is where I go every weekend I would love to have the updated version. Please help.
vyma100 on Jun-05-2010

Thanks for the encouragement. I have a update in the wings, just small details and adjustments.

Mikec87 on May-18-2010

This track is perfect, I race here myself in the Open Street Class and can honestly say that i cannot fault this race track. Well done. Look forward to more track and examples of your work. 10 out of 10
PSI306 on May-01-2010

hello , mike , I like you're version , mfroble , that 's the good news with : ,
Thank you for all.
cico76 on Apr-02-2010

Mike, As I only live 15mins away from lakeside and go out there often, I must say you have done a great job.
Would you be interested in helping me finish off morgan park that i have started making. Bruce (
mfroble on Apr-02-2010

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