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Lamborghini LP500S 0.40

By: Bender
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: GT
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: bender007
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Screenie by: bender007
Screenie by: bender007
Screenie by: bender007

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Had some time to remodel the car, modelling topology has been improved and detail increased.

Also many thanks to BenMK1 over at NoGrip racing, (author of the Countach mod for GTR2) for assistance with physics etc.

Things left to do:
- Modelling
Texturing required
- Physics.
Adjust tyre curves
Revise suspension
- Audio
Mod specific sounds still to do

Release going to be a while off now.

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Hi there.
I'm a huge super fan of the masterpiece--Lamborghini Countach, and I'm really enthaustic on them.
Just wondering if the beta version of the mod is not ready, is it able to have a orignal model file to share with public and maybe someone can make it fixed up.
Could you upload the orignal model to an other source for public to download and modify it?
Just to let you know that I'm interested and glad to help.
Gary Z
ParanoidDaydreamer on Aug-01-2015

(Yearly) Update...

Still not fit for public consumption.

Current issues are with the model topology, which isn't great and is needing a lot of cleaning up. Also having a lot of normal mapping and texturing issues on the low-poly model. There were a lot of really ugly artifacts due to bad UV unwrapping. So re-starting things a little, going through and cleaning up the meshes and re-doing the unwrapping part by part.

Don't hold your breath, life is a little hectic round here. I do aim to finish this thing one day... Sorry people.
bender007 on Jul-08-2011

I am _really_ anticipating this mod. This would go great with my upcoming "Cannonball Run" style free roam track.
chargerhornet on Feb-12-2011

I have a proposition for sounds. You can use the Kreissieg's videos (Yes they are acceleration) BUT you could maybe use the "auto tune" funtion in a program like Audacity, it might be helpful I don't know, it's an Idea I've just had.... just saying...
GTtuner56 on Jan-16-2011

Hmmm... Well, I'll have a crack at it, however at present audio may have to be cobbled together from what I can dredge from the net. The problem with this is that most audio that I can find involves acceleration and/or doppler shift, so the cleanup requirements are going to be quite onerous.

I do agree though, sound is a huge part of old cars.

Still alot of tweaks required, so may have to do a Beta version or it'll never get released...
bender007 on Aug-07-2010

Sound is really important, the more realistic the better
forevette on Jul-12-2010

In my opinion, the most important thing about this car is sound. Just do it screamy!
flashpeter on Jun-10-2010

Finally got some time to improve the modelling for this mod.

Can't say when it might be ready for release, but it will have to be a beta version as I just don't have the time to run through all the physics properly as well.
bender007 on Jun-09-2010

beta please
kevin123 on Dec-29-2009

I don't have an LP. I do have an '06 Gallardo (the real thing, not a kit car) egear. I can't help with anything but the engine sounds and testing but I'd love to contribute in those areas if you need me. One request - please leave it an AWD vehicle! It's truly awesome to drive!
lassthompson on Dec-18-2009

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