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Land Speed Record Jet Car 0.50

By: Grimm Reaper and AtomLab
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Prototype
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Grimm Reaper
Screenie by: Grimm Reaper
Screenie by: Grimm Reaper
Screenie by: Grimm Reaper
Screenie by: Grimm Reaper
Screenie by: Grimm Reaper

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This "funny car" style jet car will be capable of speeds in excess of 1400kph. I want to map a sound to trigger at the speed of sound (externally only to be realistic) but I do not know if I can. If anyone knows how to do this or if it is even possible please leave a comment.

There will be a 35km straight high speed track to accompany this car to allow for top speed runs.

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tysonrock266 on Aug-29-2018

how download jet dragster hp 15000 help me
gcr27 on Nov-09-2017

any update on this ? would LOVE the Funny Car, even if it's not fully painted, etc etc.
(GRI) garv on Mar-12-2015

Hi ElvioLador,

at this point I don't have much time for the work needed on this mod. Working 60+hrs a week and a 5 month old son kinda taps me out. I will finish this early in the new year and any help is much appreciated. I'll PM you.
Grimm Reaper on Dec-08-2012
Exiter on Oct-19-2012

Hi buddy, are u needing some 3d asistance to get this mod finished ?
Ill be pleased to help !
ElvioLador on Nov-08-2011

Any news on how the jet cars going :-)?
aidenbobtree on Aug-20-2011

dont give up i look forward to it
shadofox990 on Jul-19-2011


The Salt Flats track is too short for this car. Which is why I am making a 35km straight track to go with this Jet Car. The track is almost finished but I am still waiting on the body of the car to be ready.
Grimm Reaper on May-11-2011

so are we gonna need Bonneville Salt Flats so we dont destroy it?
modman73 on Mar-31-2011

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