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Landstrasse 1.01

By: Rolf
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 04-Mar-14
Current release: 1.010, on 10-Sep-14

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Screenie by: Rolf
Screenie by: Rolf

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Fix 1.01 - for those experiencing low fps.
I've reduced the size of some very big textures. Just download the fix and install to your rFactor root folder.


Since I've been playing around with Bob's Trackbuilder for a while I've decided to release this track. I'm pretty satisfied with it... hope you like it as well.

It's a fictional circuit located somewhere in rural Germany featuring 4 versions:

Landstrasse Forward
Landstrasse Reverse
Landstrasse Rallye (with timing gates, crowds and some off-roading)
Landstrasse 1970 (without modern stuff like those windmills and with more potholes and cobblestone segments)


Thanks to:

The creators of the following XPacks:

Animated Windmills, basic_city_xpack_v1, Cars, Cicada_Buildings, ConcreteJungle, Dirt_Track_Equipment,
European Road Elements, Grand Stand, Great Britain (RBR), Haywood Club, Hills, Hungarian Xpack,
Kormoran2003_roads, LighthorseXP, mento_rendor, N_L_pack, Objects_Poland, old_church, PL_Vegetation,
PlainTrucks, Road Dark, Road Light, Road Mid, Road Signs, Sisco variaos, Smes_Pack, Trackside_Objects, US_Cars

The creator of Bob's Trackbuilder

GeroDa74, Szczy, BerScott, PowerD and KaRiNFuToGT for their cars (used for images and loading screens)

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Thank you! We (San Francisco Car Detailing) have enjoyed the track. - Mike from Car Detail San Francisco
morso on Oct-01-2020

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ankit941 on Sep-11-2018

Hi Rolf!
Phantastisch! Super!
Spitzenarbeit! Wir haben im LAN nur noch Scheiße geschrieen!!!
Selten so viel Spaß gehabt, wir ham uns kaputt gelacht!
Der "kackende Katze-Hügel" und der "Holländische LKW-Fahrer" sind das Beste!

Weiter so und schöne Grüße aus dem Ruhrgebiet,
PeteX on Apr-29-2014

When I looked at the name of the track, I was thinking, it is "Landstrasse" from Need For Speed 4 High Strakes
thooorn on Mar-08-2014

Fantastic track, the versions are very nice and the changes in elevations are daunting indeed. Would it be possible to re-pack the textures so extracting the files takes a shorter amount of time? Also, I have tried various levels of detail and dx7-8-9 to no avail. I have a very powerful machine, but even with optimizing, the frame rate is terrible. Anything you might be able to do with the textures in future releases will undoubtedly help with players enjoying this and other tracks of your design. Kind regards,
saultenian on Mar-08-2014

Like these sorts of tracks, especially the 70's version. The fuel/lap ratio is quite a long way out, fueluse setting should be around 85171.0 in the aiw file, to give a more accurate indication of how many laps can be done with the fuel. used the HotHatch mod escort 1600i to determine that 50litres will last for about 21laps in that car.
Lockinvar on Mar-05-2014

Thank you very much! Future updates are welcome :-)
DoktorRotax on Mar-05-2014

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