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Lap Keeper 1.60

By: Malcom

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: malcom
Screenie by: malcom
Screenie by: malcom
Screenie by: malcom

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After some useful feedback, v1.60 has been released. See the read me doc for changes.

v1.50 is not required.

Lap Keeper is an Excel GUI Spreadsheet.

Lap keeper will store any lap times and best sector times that you want to keep.

It will compare your times against real world track times / track records / target times.

It will show your best sectors and compare your lap times against them.

Lap Keeper is fully configurable and will allow you to edit and add your own tracks.

It has with this release all the F1 2008/09 circuits and some other popular venues. (29).

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Spreadsheet template is fail.
bigsilverhotdog on Nov-15-2011

Okey-dokey. I misunderstood. Thanks for the reply. I guess I got a bit over-excited as I do a fair amount of test driving and at the moment have to type all the sectors manually into a small spreadsheet I put together ages back to keep track of where I'm gaining and losing time and so forth.

I've been hoping I could automate it for a while but my knowledge of plug-ins only goes as far as downloading other peoples. I'll keep an eye on this project though. Who knows, with some time, it might one day evolve further.


Stargazer Woods on Dec-13-2008

Stargazer Woods

Lap Keeper does not plug into rFactor, data entry is manual.

I did consider plugging it in to rFactor, but it is a lot of work just to input 3 sets of numbers occasionally.

The reference to SLS reporter was not an afterthought, but a reference to where you can get detailed sector information from and no it is not vital.
I hope this clarifies the situation.
malcom on Dec-12-2008

I can now open the new version with support for OfficeXP. But thats about all I can do. How does rF know to put sector and lap information to this spreadsheet? I've looked for something called an SLS Reporter of which there is nothing here by that name. It is only just barely referred to in the readme almost as an after thought which would suggest it isn't a vital component but then how on earth does this plug-in to rF at all?

Could I please have some clarification or am I completely misunderstanding the point of this spreadsheet?

Stargazer Woods on Dec-12-2008


Here is the link for the 97 - 2003 format.

I know some functionality will be lost, but I am not sure how much. But give it ago and maybe you can do some workarounds, the basic maths should still be intact.

If it is workable and seems OK then let me know and I will include this format with future releases.

malcom on Dec-11-2008

I have been looking for a tool like this. But I don't have Excel 2007. (well...does anyone?) ;-)
It would be great to run this with open office. For this I need an Excel 97/XP-Format.

Do you think you can save it in Excel 97/XP-Format? (.xls) so we can try if it works?

Thanks a lot!
JU-Racing on Dec-11-2008

Malcom, it doesn't work in Edexcel 2003.
zud the spud on Dec-10-2008

Just a note, this was written in Excel 2007 and not tested under any other version. If you are using another version and all works well, please let me know so I can ammend the Docs. Thanks
malcom on Dec-10-2008

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