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Le Mans 1970 0.80

Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Screenie by: normhart
Screenie by: normhart
Screenie by: normhart
Screenie by: normhart
Screenie by: NormHart
Screenie by: NormHart
Screenie by: NormHart
Screenie by: NormHart
Screenie by: normhart
Screenie by: normhart

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This is a conversion and upgrade from the GPL original, all permissions from Roland Ehnström were requested and obtained.The 70's track is a much needed variant to be used with Norm Harts CSGT mod.
Most of the trackside objects and surfaces have been retextured or removed/remade, to be in keeping with the period of 70's motorsport.
I would like to thank Motorfx for his help and technical assistance in particular the Mulsanne corner.
Some track shadow flashing is evident, but this has been the case in all variants of this track and can be limited with camera changes.

philrob 25/10/08

Loading screens by Gunnar333

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Guys all the liks are broken
alebi1997 on Apr-26-2018

What is the new link for this track version now that RSC in down and out?
MikeVictor on Sep-19-2011

finril, please check This is the 1970 version and it does have the Ford Chicane.
NEChris on Aug-17-2009

Just a question guys... do you know that the 1967 version issue from GPL is not the good one. Indeed the 1967 version wasn't used anymore in 1970. A new chicane (which will become the Ford chicane) was set just before starting line. In 1967 after Maison Blanche it was a looooooooooong straight to Dunlop Corner. Well it has became to dangerous by 1970 and the straigth was cut with the first version of Ford Chicane. For those familiar with the mod they remember that Ickx retired at le Mans that year because of an accident. It occurs precisely at THAT chicane. Two marshalls were killed during that crash also. My father was also nearly killed by Ickx's car as that marshall post was his first assignation at the 24 hours Le Mans.
finril on Aug-17-2009

Super mod but will the Chaparral be in ??? I'm waiting this mod impatiently !!!
Peace & courage...
JemyP on Apr-23-2009

I attended the legendary LeMans '69 race which was the last race won by a GT40, by .4 of a second over a Porsche 908. Yes I'm that old. It was also the inaugural running of the 917 which lead until Sunday morning. Can't wait to get my hands on this Mod. Oh for an opportunity to relive those days. Good luck with this one.
MackXit on Apr-04-2009

This is the one that came out with the new version of the holiday series hey... if so... i love this track - well, this version anyway - i love Le Mans, and i love the versions that virtua_lm make, but i prefer the version of the track that existed in the late 60's early 70's - which this one is

only thing wrong really is the grass lol but who really cares - and its a w.i.p so meh
The__Stig on Dec-22-2008

Excellent idea !!! i hope to test it soon. Good luck alls. ;-)
norr on Dec-08-2008

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