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Le Mans 1999 0.10

By: Apex modding and Apex modding
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Prototype
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Yoss
Screenie by: Yoss

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in 2006, before the let pass to convert from vlm about the lm99 mod,vlm gave the autorization to yoss to convert the mod for rfactor

after the IEC mod and after have seen the lm99 mod yoss convert , we decide to remake the lm99 mod from scratch , we surely only keep the original valors in the physiques made by vlm and adapted this vlm physiques for rfactor ,with real informations we can take on the internet and with the differents reals ingeniors who work with us

so it s not a conversion , it's a from scratch mod !!

the fiagt3 mod is still in W.I.P and we finish him don't worry


08/08/2009 edit : we don't continue to support and post something here about the wip , you can continue to follow him on racing fr forum or on apex web site

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Why nobody work on proto 76-78 and group 6?I think ,after 70 prototipes,it's most beatifull era ,please !!!! please!!! a few time ago I saw alpine a442 and mirage anybody knows where are ?
niko060206 on Mar-20-2011

Any news?? I hope the project isnĀ“t aborted!
Alzenfan on Jan-28-2011

You know, as often as I see fanatics (and I mean that in a good way) ask for ultra-realism in mods there are usually more people hoping for just good racing and driveability. My team has received many comments and complaints about highly realistic car behavior but that is the price to be paid when you strive for realism and authenticity. My personal preferences usually fall in the middle of the two extremes. I like realistic drivability but what is realistic is often debatable and unfortunately the opinions of those who really know what is realistic are too seldom heard or are often disregarded when they are heard.

Then there are those who think every mod needs to have a "league version" where everything is equal and then complain that it isn't realistic but I won't comment on that.
Vince Klortho on Feb-08-2009

Toyota could have had it! oh well. but i agree fully, @renaultfan i think if someone lowers the downforce enough and is at top speed with the CLR, then it might be appropriate to have it flip, but if you have it at full downforce, it doesnt really need to happen. @Gold_Moon these mistakes by the engineers were extremely important to the outcome of the race, and to be included in the mod in my opinion, as far as the GT-one, i think it's absolutly improtant that you include the strange tire wear, as it was a part of the car, and the reason toyota didnt win. i hope this mod is fantastic because i caught le mania this year! please include the panoz
4star on Feb-08-2009

A realistic LM99 mod would feature the CLR with its inherent aerodynamic instability and the GT-One with the fault in the suspension design which pitched both Martin Brundle and Thierry Boutsen off the track with disastrous consequences, when rear tires exploded during the night stints.
renaultfan on Feb-07-2009

No thanks. I'd rather prefer my cars on the ground than getting shot up into the air like hydroplanes/aquaplanes. All I know about Le Mans 1999 is that I'd love to race the Toyota GT-One and get that Le Mans win that eluded Toyota in 1999 (not to take anything away from the BMW V12 LMR). Make it as fun and as accessible as the Sports Car Challenge, and this will be a winner of a mod. Best of luck to you all making this mod!
Gold_Moon on Feb-07-2009

Try to make the Merc flip as disastrously as it did in real life...
renaultfan on Feb-07-2009

we don't plan to make the lemans 1999 track but VLM surely can do the job
Yoss on Feb-07-2009

nice project!!!
VLM 1999 was one of my preferred mods.
Btw, how about the Lemans 1999 track, any plan?
lfm58 on Feb-06-2009

wow, COOL idea guys!!
DeDios on Feb-06-2009

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