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Le Mans 2012 1

By: zolee145
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 17-May-13
Current release: 1, on 17-May-13

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Screenie by: zolee145
Screenie by: zolee145
Screenie by: fabiozoio
Screenie by: fabiozoio

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Le Mans 24H 2012.

3D: zolee145

Special thanks:

Tibi (ferris wheel)

Bob's Track Builder
All XPackers
Google Earth
GPS Track Analyse

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Track Layout
Racing Line
AI Behaviour
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Realistic Track Surface
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Improved Physics-engine models for Formula 1 cars, featuring all Rear Pull Rod suspensions, and for some models ( Ferrari and McLaren ) also Front Pull Rod suspensions;
newstart027 on Oct-18-2016

Need an updated version: more variety when it come to trees, better AI... but it's a very nice start.
kahel on Jun-17-2016

Is it somehow possible to fix the formation lap problem?
colz99 on Feb-14-2015

Nice track, sincerely, although there are some bugs related with collision walls, because AI cars when they hit the walls, in some cases, concretely the zones of IndianĂ¡polis, Arnage, and the sequence of curves that starts with the Porsche curve, the car, passes through the walls/guardrails. Hope that you can read it and fix that. Is unrealistic.
ajrf on May-19-2014

Hi Zolee !
Awesome track, really !!
Is there any chance you convert and update this track for Assetto Corsa, pretty pretty pleeeeeeeeeeease ??!!!!!!!!!!
AlexR78 on May-17-2014

Unfortunately whilst the track looks and drives great for me, the AI (trying to do a race with the Enduracers mod) is unable to complete the pace/warmup lap as the line the cars take is completely wrong, they drive off on to the grass at the very first turn, and every turn is taken too far to the inside resulting in AI cars spinning at every turn. If you try to skip the warmup lap the race begins already beyond the start/finish line and again results in being unable to start the race, I begin the race but the AI is still driving double file as if still driving the warmup lap, again being unable to get around even the first corner because of the line it takes across the grass.

Not trying to complain, just stating for me the track is unplayable because the AI cant successfully complete a warmup lap and skipping the lap also fails to get the race started.
Engioc on Jan-14-2014

If is possible, add the big blue "mirror" TV in turn 1
formula124 on Oct-11-2013

The best Le Mans track by far this is an awsome effort it would be such a hard track to recreate only 1 thing the yellow bumps on the out side of ripple stips going on to the long straight gota go 1mm to wide & your car spins or fires into fance bloody awsome effort thanks
mrMat on Aug-26-2013

Great track!! Thank you. You cant please everyone all the time and I think you did a great job. Keep it up. Helps to keep the game fresh.
hotpup on Aug-18-2013

Great track!! Thank you. You cant please everyone all the time and I think you did a great job. Keep it up. Helps to keep the game fresh.
hotpup on Aug-18-2013

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