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Ledenon_2008 1

By: Philcout, Piaoo, Thesky
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 12-Oct-08
Current release: 1, on 12-Oct-08

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Screenie by: Flat-twin
Screenie by: Flat-twin
Screenie by: Flat-twin
Screenie by: Flat-twin
Screenie by: philcout
Screenie by: philcout
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Screenie by: Samy

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LEDENON 2008 V1.0 - 09/2008 for rFactor
For Rfactor, creation originale.
Authors : PhilCout, Piaoo, TheSky

3 versions availables for rfactor :

light : a lot of objects removed for more FPS on the online
Wet : the same as the light , but with rain effects
Full : full release , the same as F1C, GT Legends, GTR2, GTR-Evolution(Race07).

Conversion of the original rFactor for F1C, GTL, GTR2, GTR-Evolution(Race07) by TheSky

45 pits availables(22 F1C and 30 GTL).


Lédenon is a small village north of Nimes, near the A9 motorway.
The circuit Lédenon emerged as the more hilly, more winding and more
technical track in France. It shows the distinction of being the only one in France
turn in the opposite direction clockwise.
It was built on a motocross track with climbs and descents


major thanks to Frasab , who has spent many hours for us to advise that the layout
corresponds well with real feelings , and provided numerous photos and video quality.

Thanks to Stan, who also gave us very good photos, and contributed to "realism"
of the track.
Thanks to Koolpapy , who through his eye has advised us to correct key Circuit textures,
and its advice.

Finally, thanks to all the bêta-testers of the rookie club on

No modification or conversion of the track is permitted worm another game without our permission.


Crédits :
bob's track builder, 3Dsimed
Simbin pour GTR2 ,GTlegends et GTR-Evolution(Race07)

have fun , PhilCout, Piaoo, TheSky
E-Mail contact :

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Hi, for information, this track really exist, and it based in south of France. It's so impressive in real This is a random video

shinobi57 on Jun-09-2015

This might just be the best race track in the world. AWESOME
docmcstuffins on Jun-12-2014

Hi Anatopia, link has been updated
[RFC]-Fresh! on Jul-23-2012

Salut les gars quelqu'un pourrait il re mettre un lien upload svp ? Merci par avance
Anatopia on Jul-22-2012

download it now, lets see how much fun it is :-)
SWIZZ=kettcar= on Apr-09-2012

I just discovered this track by coincidence. If somebody told me the makers of great rFactor fantasy tracks like Vitus Park and Piddy are inspired by this track I would believe it. There is only one big difference between Vitus Park, Piddy and this track. This track does exist in reality, and it is the greatest track I've ever seen. The elevations are really spectacular. It is not a big track, I think it is too small for Formula One, and it is a modest track, there are no grandstands at all. But what a track to drive on. Happily it also looks very good in rFactor. In 2008 it could be necessary to have a light version, but in 2012 the full version is doing very well on my computer. Everything from this track is done very good in rFactor and the track camera's are looking great. The only little minor thing is the strange appearance and disappearance of the trees in the background at some points, but this is certainly not the only rFactor track having this. This one is a Hall of Fame for me.
NitroMcClean on Mar-25-2012

lefreud on Jun-03-2009

Originally posted by: svenieshoarma

Here is a downloadlink for the track:

avg detected a threat on this link!!!!!!! my advise stay away
Ambrose59 on May-07-2009

Magnifique ! beau boulot
mam22190 on May-01-2009

New download link available, pending updated on rFactorCentral :
TheSky on Mar-29-2009

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