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Linas-Montlhery 1.10

By: philcout and TheSky
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 20-Nov-10
Current release: 1.100, on 20-Nov-10

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Screenie by: maxredbull
Screenie by: maxredbull
Screenie by: maxredbull
Screenie by: maxredbull
Screenie by: Mombassa
Screenie by: Mombassa

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Linas_Montlhery 2010 V 1.1 - 10/2010 pour rfactor , GTLegend , GTR2, GTR evo

creation originale

Auteurs : philcout , TheSky

4 versions disponibles :

la longue , incluant les lacets de couard
le 3.405 , incluant les virage des deux ponts et de la ferme , et l'épingle du faye
le mygale , circuit utilisé pour les stages de conduite
l'anneau , seul , avec la chicane sud et la nord , pour rompre la monotonie

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Bonjour, et merci pour ces circuits. Notamment Mygale qui m'a permis d'apprendre le circuit avant d'aller effectuer un stage le 31 mars 2012.
Je m'interroge cependant! n'est-il pas légèrement plus long dans la réalité? il me semble qu'il fait 1800m alors qu'il est donné à 1400m dans rFactor !
J'ai suivi le tracé virtuel en respectant les rapports tels que le moniteurs me les a donnés dans la réalité et mes temps sont bizarrement beaucoup moins élevés dans rFactor. Voici la comparaison des temps réalisés : : 0:01:09.4 en réalité et 0:00:45.9 dans rFactor tous les deux avec une Ferrari 458 Italia de série pour la réalité et FIA GT3 2011 dans rFactor.
Sinon bravo pour la qualité de reproduction et encore merci. Il serait intéressant de réaliser également les circuits de la Ferté Gauchet et de Dreux;
stephaned61 on Jun-13-2012

Of course mate,after a great track like this,a good rest is in order. a late Happy New year for you and your team,and i hope to see more great tracks like this one in 2011!
wolfattack on Jan-08-2011

Thank you very much for this message .
perharps in the future we'll do without chicanes , when i 'll make the road to "the biscornes" , but we need a break after this work .
philcout on Jan-08-2011

If i mean to be disrecpectful whit you or anyone,my apologises,its was no my intention. sometimes i say things that sound like a attack.but it was not that. i really like this track,even if it has chicanes. you and your team have done a awesome work here. but if you look in the commentaries here,you see that a lot of people want a version whitout chicane. yes,the actual has chicanes,i know that. but would be fun,and simple,since you have the hard job already done,to include a version whitout the chicanes. i would do it myself if i know how to do. sorry again for being ''ignorant'',and don't take me wrong,like i said,i appreciate your work here.
wolfattack on Jan-07-2011

I must kinding you ?
the track is finished . 1,5 year of work , perharps more than 1500 hours of work .
4 outline on 4 games .
this track was beta tested by guys which have drive along the real one , and sorry , but there are chicanes .
Your post is discourteous , and disrecpectful for the work of the modders in general .
I don't work for gamers like you .
You can do it yourself if you want , no soucy .
philcout on Jan-05-2011

just because you say this track whitout chicane is boring you are not going to release it whitout them? you must be kiding. its WE,drivers,each of us, who decide if its is boring or are doing this based in your personal opinion.its not because you think its boring that everyone else will think the same way too.besides that,its simple to cut these chicanes off the track,so,please, do so.
wolfattack on Dec-27-2010

Hi, could you do one set up like gymkhana 3 please please please pleeeeeaaaaaaasssssssseeeee????????????????
feepit684 on Dec-12-2010

thanks for the comments

when we have done the versions , we have tried all possible : without chicane , it's quickly
boring , and our choice was with two chicane . it's already an intense work to do all , and we have no plans to add a new version without chicane .
in the future , by cons , i hope making the very long one , who goes to the "biscornes"...
philcout on Nov-30-2010

Personnellement, pour le 3 kms , je serais pour le tracé historique avec chicane Nord et chicane EST uniquement. ;-)
maalox on Nov-28-2010

Originally posted by: nuggetz

Wow! What a fantastic track. The track surface textures on the oval are very nice and add a lot of authenticity. Can we get a version with no chicanes exiting the oval please? Pretty please? Great track to race historics on.

I have to agree and a version without the chicanes would only make it better. Thanks
Taps64 on Nov-28-2010

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