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LiveFactor for iPhone 1.10

By: cappa

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: cappa_22
Screenie by: cappa_22
Screenie by: cappa_22
Screenie by: cappa_22
Screenie by: cappa_22
Screenie by: cappa_22
Screenie by: cappa_22
Screenie by: cappa_22

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LiveFactor-Timing is the first iPhone/iPod Touch application that lets you watch live-timing information for any session in your rFactor Dedicated server or standalone installation.
Tests, Practices, Qual, Warm Ups and Races can be monitored in your iPhone/iPod Touch. It gives you detailed information about the gap between any driver and the leader, fatest lap, pitstops, track flags, penalties... with colorful, simple and easy to use interface.

Your sessions are protected with a password so you can control who will be allowed to view your session data.

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great site thanks welding
looneyhans on Feb-08-2021

nice app! really love it

looneyhans on Nov-11-2020

comon lets get this droided
scottR on Sep-30-2011

i extracted those 2 files in my installation folder of rfactor. I ran it, go on server, and minimize the game, went to the instalation folder and there isnt .log file ?! I edited .conf file already.. Any ideas ? Thanks
ceki21 on Apr-27-2011

Nice app (5 star review), but I would love a native iPad version!
Andy04 on Apr-20-2011

You've thought about developing an application for iPhone for the monitoring of RPM, engine, temperatures such as SIM_Monitor, rfskinhud, etc...??????

hyper!! on May-12-2010

This looks like a great app !!!!!! good job!
My question is will it be possible to creat web widget which does the same thing so that we can impliment it onto a website?
i've found some but since i suck at MySQL coding and such im unable to use them.
Please let me know if its possible

Just a wonderment
linfieldracing on Apr-04-2010

Oh my lord. This is perfect. Just a shame I can't use it cos I have a Blackberry!!! *hint hint*!!!
cashewboy on Mar-28-2010

I bought the application today, but it's a pity we can not use it in solo. We also can not directly add the server ip address instead of the name for LAN or server not shown on matchmaker.
(Translate by google)
Sorry I did not understand how to set up, now everything works fine.
Your app is awesome.
skylynx on Mar-28-2010

Please, consider to rate the app in the AppStore if you like it.

cappa_22 on Mar-25-2010

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