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LiveMonitor and Hotlaps 1

By: Fahad Gaffoor

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Fahad Gaffoor
Screenie by: Fahad Gaffoor

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Provides a Live timing and Hotlaps for your rF2 sessions.

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Han sido incluidas las voces de Antonio Lobato, Marc Gene y Pedro de la Rosa.
newstart027 on Nov-30-2016

This domain has expired, links not working...
formafun on Nov-04-2013

vyrush on Apr-08-2012

Please visit this link

You will find all the updates and download links here directly

Added Live Track Position system for LiveMonitor
vyrush on Mar-15-2012

404 error not found any other links?
mainekarter2004 on Mar-08-2012

Hi Guys,

Presenting to you the new version of LiveMonitor (v2.0.0.0)

What is LiveMonitor?

This Plugin allows you to log your rFactor2 Server session, with a Real-Time onscreen display of Drivers and Session information along with Real-Time track position of the drivers. You can run multiple rFactor2 Dedicated servers on the same machine and the LiveMonitor Plugin and DataLogger will be able to capture all your sessions.

What's new in this Version?

Auto-load option
This is a new feature of LiveMonitor. If you enable this option, after you do your configuration for the first time, from the next time onwards, you do not need to Manually start logging data like in the previous version. This will enable you to configure the LiveMonitor.exe to start-up with windows. So then it can run independently without the requirement of any user interaction.

- The log file size has been reduced
- rFactor2 is now synchronized with LiveMonitor.exe
- Hotlaps error fixed, where session information was not getting updated
- You can now view speed in MILES PER HOUR or KILOMETERS PER HOUR (viewer can select which ever they want, doesn't require server side configuration)
- LivePosition maps are much better looking now, (thanks to B1gCh0pper for a brilliant job on the map design)

How to Install?

Please follow the Installation Guide inside the package.

How to Update from previous version 1.0.x.x?

Unfortunately, you can't update from the previous version.


If you had previously used LiveMonitor, and would like to retain your Hotlaps into this new version, I would suggest you to make a backup of the "Records" table in your database. Then perform a fresh installation for v2.0.0.0. After everything is done, you can go back to your newly create database and import the "Records" back into it.

Download Link:

vyrush on Feb-23-2012

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