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LiveViewPlugin 2.60

By: MaXyM

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This plug-in is dedicated for use by leagues rather than for individual drivers. LiveViewPlugin simply writes current results of a session into file with period 15 secs. Format of the file is similar to known from SBT's sims. Such file may be then processed by some other applications or sent to FTP and then displayed on www page as live standings.

v.2.6 - this version is required by LiveView 1.4.8 (comming soon)
o file is saved with .tmp first, then renamed to .txt one

+ added log for Full Course Yellow
+ added reporting of available aids
+ added Track AIW name
+ added tag for recognize is driver AI or not

+ added reporting of Lobby Name
+ added reporting of Mod Name
+ added server PLR
+ added PLR name to file name

v2.2 - added all laps data raced by driver since session start (including sectors); added best sectors, making possible to calculate best theoretical time, added last (previous) lap sectors. data are cached each second, and saved with defined period (before it, data was gathered just before saving - with some period)

v2.1 - added sector times, in_sector indicator, number of pits and in_pit indicator

V2.0 - written for rFactor1.250. It reports more informations about session, like env/track temperatures, session statuses, YFs and more. Drivers data is also expanded: added CarClass (which describe vehicle better than Vehicle field), drivers positions (making calculating positions from laps and distance unnecessary), gaps to leader and previous driver. Plugin also reports some additional data not used by rFactor yet, but prepared for it (rain, clouds, track wetness, wind)

Note, that plugin only saves data into the file on local hard disk. to upload it into web, another program must be used.
There is an util which watches defined directory for new/changed files and sends it into ftp account. It is called LiveViewReporter. It works with rFactor's LiveViewPlugin and also may be used as replacement for SBT's reporters. Note, LiveViewReporter needs MS .NET2 Framework to work.

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