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Llanwern International Circuit 2.50

By: Ron Squire
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 31-Dec-12
Current release: 2.500, on 31-Dec-12

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Screenie by: Ron Squire
Screenie by: Ron Squire

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Based on the Sketchup Model by NM Productions i have made a updated and more realistic look and a huge improvement in skills and sponsorships on track

If it was on the F1 Calendar it would replace Spa Frachochamps as Longest circuit on the calendar

Download Files and Put in GameData Folder


Over 7 years since I first created this, finally I can update this with a fresh slate and a new model.

NOTE - Because I don't know how to make 5 layouts into 1 complete package, it's wise for me to make 5 layouts separate, make sure its like so when you install it

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Pacific Raceways is a mixed-use road racing facility near Kent, Washington. The race track was constructed in 1959 and opened in 1960. The track was originally named Pacific Raceways, then became known as Seattle International Raceways in 1976.
newstart027 on Oct-19-2016

One thing that wasn't mentioned in the previous tips:-

Whenever 1 polygon(triangle) of an object is in view, a graphics card has to check every other polygon in that object to see whether they're in view as well. And it has to that for every frame before it gets rendered. Your track surface is 1 object of just over 9000 polygons, only 10-15% of which will ever be on screen at any given time. You should break it up into 9 or 10 visible chunks.
WidowCranky on Jan-06-2013

ok erwin thanks for those points will be included in next release
DUD3M31573R on Jan-04-2013

wizard you have my permission
DUD3M31573R on Jan-04-2013

Hello. My nickname is wizard2275 I want to ask for permission, to convert your track Llanwern International Circuit 1.10 , to F1C old game. I will understand, if don't want to give me permission. Thanks you very much in advance. Regards.
wizard2275 on Jan-03-2013

Go to BTB
Edit materials>Venue Materials>
Look for the texture that is shown blurry.
Click on the icon> Textures
Look for MIP Bias. Make it -3 or -4.
Save by clicking OK.

Always prevent objects of being in the line of the camera shot. Think estatic. No cameras right above the track.

Try to prevent gaps showing up on camera shots. Here you can see right through the track. This happens at several points at the track.

Try to make the corners being more smooth.
Go to BTB
Open Edit track surface properties.
Go to one of the particular corners to be worked on. CTRL Left click on the track before and after the corner. You create two cross sections. Select the first cross section.
A pop up emerges. At the right upper corner you will see "Panel Lenght" Reduce this to 2.00. Default is 5.00

Here you see a computer controled car cut a corner and go straight through a wall.
This happens when the AIW file is not properly set up. (This is the case at MANY tracks sadly, so don't feel down about this)
I will give a simple explanation how i set up the AIW file.
Go to BTB.
Go to Edit Start Finish positions>driveline>Append Track when needed.
First the Centerline/corridors.
The centerline should always follow exactly the center of the track. Select and move till this is done. (CTRL left adds nodes, DEL deletes them)
You will notice that the corridor exists of two coloured lines:
Green: This should exactly the widht of the track.
Red: This is the part of the track in when a car hits an object or wall it goes straight trough it. You can alter these lines in only the 3d map. Press key "3"
So the key to succes here is to keep the red lines always between walls.
The Fastline: The Fastline is the racing line. It should be the fastest line around the track. To get an easy working fastline i always use walls to "draw" the fastline on the track. Use the "panel length at 2.00" to make the walls smooth. It is fast and easy.
Now go to Edit start/finish positions and go to fastline. In both maps you still see the walls. Place the nodes of the fastline exactly over the walls. When done remove the walls.


Some remarks at other files:
The AIW-files shows that the track is: 5.68 km lap_length=5683.553.
And thus it would not replace Spa Francorchamps as longest track.
Race laps: F1 rule 305 km / lap lenght is number of laps. Here 305/5.68= 54 laps.
race starts most of the time at 14.00h.
Latitude=52 (Llanwern is positioned at 51.57201°N 2.91331°W so 52.
Llanwern at Wikipedia
When you did not alter the north of the track the North Direction is "0"
Fuel use= 5683.553 x 16= 90936.848. You can fine tune it later.


FogMode=EXP FogIn=(15.00) FogOut=(1750.00) FogDensity=(0.003) FogColor=(185,190,195)

Copy and paste this in the SCN-file, between Groupmethod=linksingle and light=direct00
It gives a small haze to the track.
erwin greven on Jan-01-2013

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