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Loch Drummond (rFactor2) 1.01

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 17-Oct-13
Current release: 1.010, on 17-Oct-13

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Loch Drummond -

Located just outside Stirling in the small vilage of Drummond, Scotland, is perhaps the home of the earliest known location of racing. Whether you consider it to be simple folklore, or to have some basis in reality, the valley has certainly held racing events since the 1950?s, but possibly for thousands of years.

Based around what is assumed to be a disused and abandoned military installation, and surrounded by the walls of the valley, Loch Drummond is a relatively slow speed and highly technical track of two layouts (1.2 and 1.97 miles), that can really punish with lost time over a whole lap, for a mistake in a single corner.

- History -

The area was once thought to be a place of ancient religious ceremonies, centered around a small hedge of rounded stones located at the foot of the valley. Many people considered the area to be haunted, and there are many stories of disappearances and sightings of unusual things going back thousands of years. By 1946 however, the area was largely deserted, with only a handful of local farmers working in the valley.

June 1947 saw a flurry of activity, when the British military constructed a base to handle radio traffic for the region. Of course, due to the location, there was some controversy, especially as the area saw little need for such an installation. Less than two months later, after a period of strange activity, the installation was abandoned, and it was found that the stone circle had been used as the foundations for a brick tower within the base.

As time went by, ‘Glen Station’ and many of the valley stories were forgotten by all but a few. It wasn’t until the mid-1950?s, when a young farmer’s son began to travel from Duns, Berwickshire, to race at both Loch Drummond and nearby Crimond, that the area saw life once more. Soon, a young gentleman’s racing club was formed and saw great success for the next decade, using a simple set of racing rules: “no contact, and show respect to your fellow competitors.”

Fully resurfaced in 1972, 1993 and 2008, the track also saw the addition of a new section in 2009, but could not attract high profile racing categories until safety improvements were made, and the dangerous runoff areas were widened. Sadly, the recent financial crisis of 2012 proved to be a tough challenge to overcome in terms of organizing the races, and covering the costs of recent improvements to the track. This saw the gentleman’s racing club (then known as GRC) sell the track to local racing enthusiast, John Livet, who has promised to make sure the legacy of the Gentleman’s Club carries on.

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Let me correct myself, game gives a penalty if one drives full speed past those chicanes on the back straight. So the problem seems to be with the game itself and how it interprets situations as cutting.
newstart027 on Oct-14-2016

I wish there was a version without the big masts, they kill my FPS, and besides they are a blot on the landscape!
maiph on Nov-04-2013

Just a reminder, once you've downloaded the 'ISI_LochDrummond_2013-v101.rfcmp' file, copy it to the \rFactor2\Packages\ folder located in the 'My Documents' or 'Documents' folder. Next, launch rF2 and click on 'Manage Mods' in the lower right hand corner. From the list that will appear, right click on 'ISI_LochDrummond_2013' and select 'install'. Once done, close the window and launch rFactor2, the track should now appear in the track selection menu.

For support please make sure to visit the official ISI forums.
[RFC]-Fresh! on Oct-17-2013

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