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Long Beach 1

By: iDT Simulations
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 13-Jul-07
Current release: 1, on 13-Jul-07

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Screenie by: rt2000pilot
Screenie by: rt2000pilot
Screenie by: 6e66o
Screenie by: 6e66o
Screenie by: empii
Screenie by: empii
Screenie by: empii
Screenie by: empii
Screenie by: empii
Screenie by: empii

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Long Beach Conversion by iDT Simulations

This is a conversion from the F1C based track
and represents Long Beach aproximately in 2003/2004.
The landscape of Long Beach has changed drastically over the years
so rather than update this track, we will make
a new one.This is a version of the track used in the
actual simulators at the race. It is being released in
AS-IS condition as a thank you to our supporters.
We don't care how you rate it, to be honest.

Many iDT members contributed to
this track including ZeroG, Doug(cams), Grant, James, Greg (aiw), Alex, SLN and others.

Known Issues:
Hole in wall at the hairpin. Dubbed the "idiot hole"
because only those would turn left there.
Track length is not accurate, estimated to be
about 80m short.

Please do not distribute this track under any
other name nor modify it without permission from
iDT Simulations.

Install: Unzip/rar to your locations folder.
If you have another long beach, it should not conflict.

UPDATE: A FPS friendly version is now available, thanks to Greg. It will add a FPS Version to your existing long beach so 2 versions will show.

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Terrible FPS in some areas on this one. Tried to give a lower rating for FPS and the system said I was blanket voting.
nuggetz on Nov-20-2010

very nice screens, empii, wicked ;D
Siggs on Sep-04-2008

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