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Longleat Hillclimb 1.02

By: Greg Mallard
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 06-Dec-09
Current release: 1.020, on 08-Dec-09

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Screenie by: gregs24
Screenie by: gregs24

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Longleat held a Hillclimb event every year until recently, with many classes of car present. The track is on part of the estate roads with a simple but narrow and tricky route. The track has been created from scratch from the authors knowledge of the location.

It is an open ended circuit and the time for the run starts when the 'timing' beam is broken at the start and finishes in the same way on the run up to the top paddock. It is suited to hillclimbing only and is too narrow for wheel to wheel racing.

v1.01 fixed start positions

v1.02 fixed installation folder problem causing sky error, and improved framerate. Please uninstall previous version before installing this one.

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Free download impossible now!
moppelino on May-18-2012

just want to say that this is a really good little course, well done! Also does anybody know what the cra in the first screenshot is, I know its a renault of sorts but dont know what tyoe or where i can get it? Any help wpuold be apreciated
chezza2431 on Jul-23-2010

french;Pffff un virage? Il y en a une dizaine dans une course de cote et très peu de ligne droite et sa monte de la ligne de départ jusqu'a l'arrivée.Et c'est un départ arreté pas un départ lancé!!!C'est quoi cette fin merdique dans le ravin????? NON les voitures redesendent par où elles sont montées!!!! Faite un effort c'est serieux la course de cote il ne faut pas la ridiculariser de cette façon merci.Mon site: Clic sur la voiture marron, n°142 tu vas voir la cam embarquée

englishffff a bend? There are about ten in a running(race) of quotation and little straight(right) line and the horsemanship of the line to has the arrival. And it is a departure arreté no thrown(launched) departure!!! It is what this moronic end in the ravine????? NO cars redesendent by where they rose!!!! Made an effort it is serieux the running(race) of quotation it is not necessary the ridiculariser in this way thank you. My site:

Http: // / Click on the brown car, n°142 you go to see the embarked cam
piedsagiles on Dec-14-2009

Originally posted by: Ronnie73

Downloaded the latest version. Still hangs on the loading screen and CTD if you get fed up and press Enter.

Tried several times now but I give up. Hope you can come up with something that works Greg. Keep at it.

I've tried 3 installations on my own test machines and they all work fine - I suggest you manually remove all traces of previous installations before reinstalling the latest version.
gregs24 on Dec-11-2009

Downloaded the latest version. Still hangs on the loading screen and CTD if you get fed up and press Enter.

Tried several times now but I give up. Hope you can come up with something that works Greg. Keep at it.
Ronnie73 on Dec-10-2009

Working OK for me at 16.50 GMT 09/12/09
gregs24 on Dec-09-2009

File temporarily unavailable too
piloto on Dec-08-2009

I'm getting "File temporarily unavailable"
Ronnie73 on Dec-08-2009

New installation file uploaded. Fixed installation folder and improved framerate. New to this track building so feedback very welcome when constructive. Still working on this track but wanted to make it available for folks to try.
gregs24 on Dec-08-2009

Version 1.01 ? LOL
Rename it to 0.5 Beta
Blonder on Dec-07-2009

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