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Lost Heaven Countryside 1

By: Thomas Frank
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 03-Sep-13
Current release: 1, on 03-Sep-13

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Screenie by: Thomas Frank
Screenie by: Thomas Frank
Screenie by: jordan382
Screenie by: jordan382

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Hey everybody,

I'm very proud to present you the biggest project I've ever made.

Lost Heaven is a fictional city in the PC game "Mafia 1", which gave me the inspiration to build a track in the style of the early 30s.
All in all I hope you enjoy this track and the journey to the past.

Thomas Frank

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just tried your track, I like it, though whilst driving around the hairpin on the back road it feels as if I am being rammed from the rear & AI drivers almost come to a stop at the exit of the tunnel for some reason, hope you are able to fix these bugs.

Lockinvar on Dec-01-2013

LOT OF BUGS on this track. --- but really nice looking! please fix the issues then it will be wonderful.
KobeBryant on Sep-08-2013

Track looks great! If you please, I just wanted to ask what mod that beautiful Mercedes is from, in the second screenshot.

Thanks :-)
alyabulkheir on Sep-07-2013

Just a tip to save you from the whingers & knockers...
If you provide a HAT file it will help speed up first time loading...
Most of my projects are fairly large & require 10+minutes to load the AIW/HAT section of the track so personally I don't know what the problem is, maybe they're to used to those little circuits that are so popular these days... )
Thanks for the track, I look forward to sampling it!
BLeeK on Sep-05-2013

beautiful track
goldgoldgold on Sep-05-2013

BTW: I had no trouble loading the track; it took no longer than 1 minute
stone3d on Sep-04-2013

I do like the track very much!!!

However, while I was driving, I noticed a couple (4 or 5) of strange bumps in the black asphalt section (before thr bridge) that makes my car very jumpy at the rear.
stone3d on Sep-04-2013

I've put a mediafire link to the download for V1.0, could act as a backup. Just to help the track creator out slightly.

Also the track does work, redapg was correct, you have to wait for a while for the track to load.

Looking forward to future versions of the track Thomas!
jordan382 on Sep-04-2013

Hey everybody,

thanks for your interest.
Concerning the problems: The Track is very large so it can take quite a long time to load it.
I will upload it a second time and put the objects in a MAS file.
Please be patient the track will be fixed soon.

Thanks a lot for your comments :-)

Thomas Frank
-Thomas- on Sep-04-2013

Just a heads-up: I get a "Non-validated Account" error page from MediaFire when I click on the dl link. The message on the page reads as follows:

"File Belongs to Non-Validated Account.

The resource you are trying access belongs to an account that has not yet been validated"

Edit: Sorry, wasn't trying to pile on. Cvilla's post hadn't appeared on my page yet when I posted.
RRrumbLE on Sep-04-2013

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