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Lucas Oil Speedway 1

By: rfnowner
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Ovals
Initial release: 12-Jan-11
Current release: 1, on 12-Jan-11

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Lucas Oil Speedway is a dirt oval track that is semi banked. The track is wide enough for 4 to 5 car wide racing in the corners, and its very common to se 2 and 3 wide racing in the corners. The track also has a figure 8 in the middle.

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well,first off,i live about 500 yards from the track here in Wheatland,MO. it did have a figure 8 i nthe middle of it till this winter of 2014.they have now changed the infield.and on top of the 8 track they had a demo derby,but for the first time in years they will not be starting the season with them cars running.
leebedsaul on Nov-25-2014

Along with I-35 I would be the happy
tbrownlee96 on Dec-24-2012

I love this track can we get CMS (Central Missouri Speedway) and I-35 Speedway in Missouri! I will help with them if needed
tbrownlee96 on Dec-24-2012

how do i get to race
mitch38 on Nov-15-2011

24 Raceway would be awesome as well cause that is my weekly track and its bad fast
DTRO_Mopar on Aug-23-2011

that'll be awesome ozarksoutlaw, so are you making a new lucas oil speedway or are you gonna make monet? it's about time someone starts making these awesome missouri tracks. CMS and LaMonte would be some good ones too!
Rowdy_Fan51 on Jul-23-2011

working on a new one i just got back from monet will work on that too
ozarksoutlaw on Jun-19-2011

did who ever made this track see it under construction? its nothing like the real track, no banking, no color, and theres no damn figure 8 in the middle, you guys ruined this one.
bigturds on May-29-2011

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