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Lydden GP 0.60

By: analogkid66
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: analogkid66
Screenie by: analogkid66
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Screenie by: analogkid66
Screenie by: analogkid66
Screenie by: analogkid66
Screenie by: analogkid66
Screenie by: analogkid66
Screenie by: analogkid66

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Lydden Circuit is quite a challenge with its variety of bends, gradients and short straights keeping you very busy. Spectators like Lydden because it is a natural bowl and where ever they choose to view from they can see most of the track.

It has played host to all sorts of Motoring events since inception in the 1960's and has gone on to host a variety of Motoring events from Rally Cross, Motorcycles, Sports Cars and Open Wheelers.

Inspired by a Post from [RSms]RS on the NoGrip forum, i have took it on as a fun track to model and bring to life for rFactor and the other popular sims by SimBin.

I hope to bring you this fantastic little track very soon, and i will hope to do it justice with Original Textures and Scenery from this lovely part of the UK.

Cheers, analog. ;O)

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Hi - any progress? I tried to convert Madcowie's rallycross track by removing the assorted barriers - but no idea how to change the AI driving line and remove the dirt on the track or set up a pitlane.
Skyhooks75 on Oct-17-2012

any news on this circuit? i race in Minicross (as in one of the screenshots) and would love to see it come to rfactor, give me a bit of practice! one small request, the starting marshall we have at this circuit is a rather, erm, large gentleman, and i think it would be quite funny to have him rather than the featured grid girl
toad on Aug-04-2011

hi.been looking forward to this circuit ,any chance of release?i used to watch formula fords and vee there in the 80s, 90s great little circuit for those mods
redden14 on Jul-27-2010

Hows this track going, keep watching the vid, damn that track is looking good, really cant wait to play with this, this will make putting together a uk track league much much more fun.
Zedman on Aug-08-2009

Both!...Road & RallyX!....added new pic...more objects going in today!
analogkid66 on May-08-2009

Are you making the full tarmac circuit or the rallycross one?
u0406096 on May-07-2009

Looking forward to the track analogkid66, pretty much my local circuit, been going there since I was a kid and know a load of people who race there. Trying to get the hang of the GpB Rallycross at the mo - always thought ehose guys were crazy!
Huggy on Feb-25-2009

Still here!...its seems there's some major changes at the circuit, with New Grandstands and Buildings going up, so im working on making it a Hybrid of the Old & New!
Did a quick Video of it on youtube if you want to take a look!
analogkid66 on Feb-25-2009

no problem i'll take a look through what pics i have, think my borthers down there soon rally cross event i think, he could sort out some fresh pics if mine are of no use.
Zedman on Dec-10-2008

@ Woodchip! or Zedman, i was looking really hard for nice pic of the Trees by the Race Control, and cant find a perfect one yet!...if you have any photos that you think could make a better texture id love to have them and i'll give you credit for supplying the photos!
I really am going all out to include the real place, Trees, Hedges, Buildings ect...i know that i could already improve on some of the modelling but that can wait for the V2.0 version.
analogkid66 on Dec-08-2008

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