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M3Hi Plr File Editor 1.10

By: Skridge

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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M3Hi-PFE (Plr File Editor) is a windows based tool for editing the Player settings files in GTR2, GTL, and rFactor. PFE organizes all the settings so they are in a manageable and easy to use format. PFE also includes a ForceFeedBack librarian which allows you to swap in a new set up with a click. You can also swap FFB Settings between GTL, GTR2 and rFactor. Once you find the perfect setup, use it everywhere! Do things like: * Maximize your frame rate * Tweak all the Force Feedback SettingsSUPP * Adjust the hidden sound settings * Swap your Force Feedback Settings between games * Swap Force Feedback Settings with your friends * Adjust the AI fuel usage, or corner grip * Change your Key / Controller bindings * Or change one of the hundreds of other settings GP-Edit is 100% fully functional donate-ware. If you use the program and you like it, drop me a donation. Support is available at You can always find the current version at Support at If you have any suggestions or issues, please drop by the forums and let me know. --------------------UPDATE NOTES This was a very minor update, just fixes about 6 keys for each game under graphics that had range values that were wrong. keep sending in those errors if you find them. i want this to be perfect, and i need you guys to do that. Ver 1.10.4: May 4, 2007 1) Several keys in graphics had the wrong ranges.

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Thank you for post this information.
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thomasrobert on Apr-28-2011

Thank you for providing information about this windows.M3Hi is easy to use any is helpful to us.
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andrewjames on Apr-24-2011

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